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4 Benefits Of Using A Secure Communications Platform For Your Business

by on January 5, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Experiencing a data theft can literally bring your business down to its knees – having your employee emails, files on your work server and sensitive data being accessed by a hacker can potentially harm and temporarily stop your business processes. Hence, it is recommended that you invest in safe and secure communication platform for your business communication to limit exposure from potential hackers. Whether you consider safe file transfer, email communications, assigning of tasks to general office updates, safe communication platforms have become a necessity.

Especially during the current pandemic when employees working from homes has become the new normal, business are more than ever in dire need of secure communications systems to stay in touch with their employees on a daily basis, and Zivver is a platform that allows you to do this and more.

Zivver is essentially a secure email platform, that places strong emphasis on limiting and controlling potential data leaks that occur due to employee error. It is also compliant with the GDPR and offers companies protection in case of a potential data leak. It monitors recipient addresses, attachments, messages, email content etc. to ensure no data leaks could potentially progress. It also notifies the management in case of a potential data leak or threat it foresees.

Listed below are the top 4 benefits of using a secure communications platform like Zivver:

  1. Businesses can control any digital risks

It is often easy to prevent data leaks by taking just a few basic measures and being proactive. Most data leaks are a result of employee negligence and include them attaching a sensitive file as an attachment by mistake or opening phishing emails. Safe communication platforms allow employees to catch these mistakes before they occur and save the day.

  1. It is easy to integrate into everyday office work

Platforms like Zivver do not require much training to use and can easily be integrated into your employees’ daily lives at work. It integrates with other popular email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail if need be, and can also function with other popular email providers. Your employees would only need to integrate it into their browsers and the rest will follow. Hence, your employees do not have to experience a learning curve, and this makes their adoption to secure email platforms much easy and without any fuss.

  1. It features two-factor authentication for  security purposes

Since employees are shifting their workspaces from and to the office regularly due to the ongoing pandemic, it is necessary that they use two-factor authentication for their work and home systems. Zivver, for instance, allows for two-factor authentication and gives you various verification options such as phone or email depending upon whatever is convenient for you.

  1. It allows you to send large files safely

Such platforms allow users to send large files over email to their colleagues or seniors as need be. Zivver, for instance, allows file transfer up to 5TB, which is particularly necessary if you are dealing with sensitive data or confidential information in your business processes. This is done by the user’s existing email client and Zivver ensures that the entire process is completed in a safe and secure way.

Hence, businesses who are looking to expand to work from home teams, or are simply looking for a secure communication platform for their employees, that works over both internal and external servers, they should opt for a well-planned and respected platform like Zivver. Not only does it guarantee that their employee communications would be completely safe, it also ensures that no employee faces any difficulty in using or integrating the platform with their systems.

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