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What Are The Best Meeting Room Devices 2021?

by on January 18, 2021 in Uncategorized

Meeting room software options

Meeting room devices are continuously improving year on year, with each new offering seeming to provide a new, intuitive feature that helps you to have even more success than before when using your meetings spaces. All of the major technology giants have options on the market, with different devices tailored to certain platforms or digital services. Below, we take a look at the different devices that you could choose to utilise in your meeting rooms, as well as the benefits that are presented by each of these. 

Webex Panorama

Webex Panorama from Cisco delivers the ultimate immersive meeting experience. Designed for the executive boardroom, Webex Panorama is equipped with four 5K cameras to create 360-degree panoramic views, complete with automatic speaker tracking. Its smart design provides a video conference system that supports up to three screens and can facilitate collaboration on the same content, at the same time. Webex Panorama allows you to keep your team close, even if they are miles away.

Surface Hub 2

Surface Hub 2 acts as an all-in-one conference room device, allowing multiple users to showcase and display work and projects in a way that is visually appealing and incredibly immersive. The Surface Hub is the perfect size for meetings rooms big or small and can be rotated and manipulated using the wheel stand so that it’s always in the most ideal place during every meeting. Available in a 50.5” size, a bigger 85” model is coming in early 2021.

The high-powered touch screen by Microsoft has fantastic integration with the entire Microsoft package from Office to Outlook and beyond. You’ll be able to have multiple users logged in at once, which makes file sharing easier than ever before. In addition to this, the device also has an incredibly effective microphone and high-resolution video to enable immaculate video calls and conferences.

Crestron Flex

If it’s a consistent user experience that you’re looking for, Crestron Flex is perfect for your meeting room. This meeting room hub helps you to easily control and manage meetings whilst they’re happening, to ensure that everything flows as smoothly as possible. Crestron Flex will allow you to activase calls, presentations, and video meetings with a simple one-tap motion for a truly professional experience. There are a few different models available with Crestron Flex, with each designed to aid the meeting room from different angles and locations within the space.

Logitech Tap 

Logitech Tap is the final piece to the perfect meeting room puzzle – it’ll allow you to seamlessly connect all of your devices and organise your meetings in a more structured and productive way. The clean, angled device connects to your computer via USB and can operate as an additional supportive display with touch screen functionality – this will make team collaboration and room automation far more accessible.

ClickShare Conference

Barco ClickShare Conference can help to facilitate a bring your own meeting experience, with a wireless conference system to help you connect to colleagues and external parties. ClickShare Conference has the ability to help you share your views in the room, connecting to a USB camera, speaker and microphone for both in-room and remote participants.

In particular, ClickShare Conference will work seamlessly with your laptop, your existing conferencing platform and any other pre-existing meeting room solution. Employees can rely on their laptops to provide virtual meetings, which will continue to be important in the hybrid workplaces of the future. 

Logitech Swytch

This laptop link takes a lot of the hassle out of the meeting room, particularly when it comes to linking devices up to a video camera or presentation screen where different connection cables will be in use and constantly interchanging based on the devices that you’re using at that time. This device looks to take those struggles away, with the multiple-connector device eliminating the need for multiple wires by offering all of these rolled into one.

The Logitech Swytch hub will be connected to your audio and visual devices, with a single wire coming out towards the desk to connect to the user’s laptop or computer – this connector has multiple adapters to account for the different devices that you may be using. These adapters are USB-A and USC-C. Swytch is capable of offering 4K resolution video, meaning you’re able to get the highest quality video conference experience available.

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