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Functions of Advertising Agencies

by on March 22, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Advertising is a very key aspect for individuals who are in business and companies in all sectors. When someone ventures into business, they are out to sell and get a profit out of the sale of their products and services. Advertising can be done internally or outsourced. 

When a company outsources people to do their advertising on their behalf, they mostly contract an advertising agency. This advertising agency then has to study what the company does and get enlightened on who their target audiences are. Advertising agencies use various methods to advertise what companies and businesses and this include: advertising via newspapers, radio, television, via a company’s social media platforms, and through billboards. 

3 Functions of Advertising Agencies 

There are many functions that advertising agencies do. This article will highlight three functions of advertising agencies. 

Public Relations 

Public relations (PR) is defined as the communication between an organization and its target audiences. PR is aimed at building a company’s brand, maintaining a company’s reputation, and ensuring that the public speaks well of a company. 

It is the work of an international advertising agency to ensure that a company’s public needs are met through the function of PR. If a company through an international advertising agency realizes that certain people talk negatively of a company, this becomes the task of the international advertising agency to ensure that the client is talked to and the issue is resolved. 

It is through the PR function, that a company through an international advertising agency ensures that the customer’s issue is resolved so that the company does not have the same negative report from another customer.

They act as media planners 

Another function of an international advertising agency is to assist a company or individual in business identify a media channel that is the best fit for them. This is very key because some media channels might bring forth no positive result to a company. For an international advertising agency to ensure that a company acquires new customers and retains the already acquired customers, they must study what the company’s products and services target. 

 Target audiences have different likings and hence will be found in certain media channels than others. If for example, a company’s target audiences are old people, they should then focus on advertising via traditional media as old people are majorly glued to that. The traditional media includes newspapers, Television, and radio. 

This however may not be the case because, with the advancement of technology, old people have resulted into the internet. They will also be found having accounts on various social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Companies that have young people as their target audience however majorly focus their advertising on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

It is for these reasons that an international advertising agency should ensure that a company has an online presence. They will ensure this is done by setting up social media handles for them or if they already had such, ensure that their social media handles are regularly updated. The story does not however end there, as the international advertising agency should also ensure that a company effectively responds to their customers and leaves them satisfied.

Do research

For a company or business owners to excel in what they do, they have to continually research in their niches. International advertising agencies assist companies’ doe this research by doing surveys and polls among their target audiences. This research is aimed at helping companies scale up the ladder in what they do. 

When good research is done by international advertising agencies, they assist companies k ow what their target audiences want from them, what they are lacking, and what their competitors are doing as opposed to them. When these things are found out, companies will be left in a position to implement whatever they are missing out on. 


International advertising agencies assist companies in many things that they would not do by themselves. This includes helping the companies attracting clients to them and ensuring that they remain loyal to their products and services.

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