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How To Download YouTube Videos Online?

by on April 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Watching informative and entertaining videos is easy nowadays with the availability of the internet. Gone are the days when people had to restrict themselves to watching TV for having a good time. Now, within seconds, you can watch anything from any part of the world. The presence of YouTube plays a big role in making entertainment accessible for everyone. But in most cases, people might want to download videos on YouTube. Although YouTube itself doesn’t allow you to download videos from its site, you can, however, download videos using the SaveFrom website. Keep reading this article for the step-by-step guide on how to download YouTube videos. 

On Your Smartphone

All of us carry smartphones 24/7. This is the reason why most people want to access entertainment on their smartphones. However, small batteries and hefty internet packages limit people to stay online to watch videos and listen to music. You can easily download on your smartphone using the youtube video downloader app made by SaveFrom developers.

All you have to do is install the app, and you can easily download any media file from YouTube and tons of other websites with great ease. These are some of its outstanding benefits:

  • Download videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. 
  • Instantly download videos with a single click on your device. 
  • Run the app in the background to download amazing videos. 
  • Manage all the videos you have downloaded within the app. 
  • Watch your favorite videos on your phone even when you’re offline. 
  • Download the videos in all the available formats. 

The biggest benefit of this app is that it’s 100% free, and you don’t have to buy any subscription plan for using this app. Moreover, using this app, you can also rename the downloaded videos and easily share them with your friends. 

On Your Desktop

Despite the portability of smartphones, people who prefer an immersive experience still prefer using PCs and Laptops. And more than often, you may run into internet disconnectivity issues that can limit you from watching good videos and listening to your favorite music. SaveFrom desktop app is the best way you can download videos on your desktop with great ease. All you have to do is to “Savefrom the desktop app” on Google, and you can find download links for this app instantly. The best thing about this desktop video downloader is that it allows you to download videos from all major streaming and social platforms. 

Download TikTok Videos

TikTok craze has taken over the internet. Traditional social media platforms are worried about this new platform’s popularity, and it’s safe to say that nearly everyone is using this new platform for content creation and quality entertainment. The best thing about TikTok is that building an audience on this platform is fairly easy as it provides bite-sized and compelling content to its users. However, due to the strict content policy, many videos get removed from the platform within 24 hours. But you can use the tik tok video download service available on the SaveFrom website. Using the SaveFrom website, desktop app, and mobile app, you can download every single TikTok video you like and can enjoy it even when you’re not connected to the internet. 

Here’s how you can download videos from TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app on your smartphone. 
  • Find the video that you want to download from TikTok. 
  • Copy the link to the TikTok video from the TikTok app. 
  • Open the SaveFrom website on your browser. 
  • You can also you SaveFrom desktop or smartphone app. 
  • Paste the link of the TikTok video in the main bar. 
  • Click on “Download” for saving the TikTok video on your device.

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