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How Does The Online Face of Clinique Look

by on June 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Clinique didn’t understand the offline brand effect of their Facebook video ads until the company commissioned a extensive six-month study to demonstrate their impact on their metrics including in-store sales and product consideration.

In-store sales remain an crucial part of beauty brand Clinique’s business, because it’s here that their consultants can help shoppers and showcase their product benefits.

Recognising that its audience is increasingly shopping online, Clinique UK has made more products available online over the past five years and with a significant chunk of its marketing spend now going on the social media giants Facebook and Instagram, Daniel Lindsay, Clinique’s consumer engagement manager, stresses how important it is to be able to assess the impact of these ads on sales in stores as well as online.

With a incredible loyal fanbase, the brand also has as a key objective the cost-efficient recruitment of new high spending customers.

As such, working together with Facebook, it recently developed a segmentation of 14 different micro-audiences for a new moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishment Hydrator – looking at key factors such as age, demographics, income, interests and age.  

Clinique used landingpage split testing and a Facebook conversion lift study to assess the impact of online video ads and refine them over a six-month period. For online sales, it could already understand which ads led to people buying products on their site, but the brand had not yet been able to pinpoint whether Facebook ads actually drove sales in-store.

By collaborating to develop an  test-and-learn approach between December 2017 and May 2018, Clinique found that its Facebook video ads provided an additional 22% of online sales and an additional surge of 7% of in-store sales. What’s more, as a result of testing creative assets, the brand was able to pinpoint the most effective ads, improving results quickly.

Clinique also used Facebook’s ‘brand lift’ tool, which can determine the additional effect a campaign has had on its audience’s attitude towards a product. It measured the impact of its ads on offline sales and found a 9.8 % lift in likelihood to consider Clinique’s new moisturiser.

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