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by on July 8, 2021 in Advertising, Business, Uncategorized

man sitting on the ledge of a building wearing Air Jordan 1 low-top shoes

The Nike ‘Swoosh’ has been voted the UK’s best brand logo of all time according to a new survey. 

The sports’ brands, simple but iconic logo, took the top slot according to new research commissioned among more than 1000 consumers, followed by the Apple’s ‘Apple Bite’ and Disney’s’ Mickey Mouse Silhouette’.

And you can see why as these superbrands dominate the marketing landscape, but what’s next when it comes to trends to create the new timeless logos of the future? Leading promotional products retailer 4imprint found out in its latest report.

It appears that the ‘monograms’ trend is still a biggie, think of the Facebook ‘F’ or the ‘M’ of Googlemail with other key looks including ultra-thin typography, which looks a little weird right now but is probably just a little ahead of the curve, literally.

Other new looks set to dominate logo design include balance, where the logos are pleasing and symmetrical, bold typefaces and overlapping typography. But can you beat a classic? 

woman on brown jacket showing green and brown Starbucks coffee cup

The five-year itch 

Good business practice is to update your logo every five years to refresh your brand and modernise your impact. 

Amazon, which ranked number five in the poll, with its Amazon ‘Arrow’ iconic logo, did just that five years ago so that its logo mirrored its parcel design.

The company did encounter more than a little controversy when the original redesigned logo had to be changed. And you can see why with people’s point of view and after major headlines globally, the brand made a quick and quite change.  

Updating your logo, even if it is a few tweaks, is good practice but retaining the essence of your brand and a design that you have invested millions in is also key.

And it’s not just headed notepaper you could be changing, depending on what your business is. There could be vehicles, buildings, retail outlets and more that also need to be rebranded, which is why ‘less is more’ is often the best strategy. 

Brits love a good logo

So why is this important, well the research published in a new report reveals the best brand logos compiled by promotional experts shows how near to their heart British consumers hold logos with over eight-in-10 of us (83 percent) saying that they’d even felt ‘comforted’ when they saw a logo. 

Two thirds say that the logo of a brand plays a role in their buying habit with the research finding a link between logos and favourite brands for consumers as the top two in the poll (Nike and Apple), win in both lists.  

How much do logos cost?

British Design Experts say that size is the most important factor, the size of your business that is.

It ranges from £150 for a start up to £10K plus for larger businesses and gives a UK average of £150-500, which sounds like a bargain when you consider the millions spent on the iconic brands listed in the poll.

The world’s most expensive logo? Well apparently that honour belongs to Symantec, who are rumoured to have paid as much as $1,280,000,000 for their rebranding and acquisition.  

Perhaps demonstrating a good logo as the 4imprint poll shows is all about a great idea and creativity rather than money. 

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