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Tips To Get Your Fireplace Winter Ready

two black sconce lamps near fireplace

Winters bring in a lot of cozy vibes and the desire of sitting by a fireplace to enjoy the cold and
chilly season, reading a book with a hot cup of coffee in hand. This sounds like a dreamy affair, isn’t it? Nostalgia UK can be of great help if you are looking for a great variety of fireplaces around the UK.

But what if you put on the fireplace for the very first time just to hear some boom-boom and
foul odors? It can end up as a total nightmare and would be the last thing you would want to
welcome the winter season.

Thus, before you plan to sit beside the fireplace, make sure that you get it prepared to enjoy the
winter vibes. So there you go-below mentioned are a few tips that you should follow to give
your fireplaces a final touch-up before use:

Get rid of the clutter

With the fireplaces being non-functional all-round the year except for winters, there are chances
that your fireplace may have acquired soot deposits and clutter surrounded all over.
So, before you burn the first match to ignite that yellow light of cosines, ensure that you clear
the clutter that lies around the fireplace installation to prevent any foul odor and risks. Your
laziness can risk your property and end up in mishaps, so clean it before you use it!

Check out the vicinities

Potted plants, decors, drapes can beautify your home. And, during the offseason, you might have
placed or installed all such decors nearby your fireplace. But do you know that these can be the
worst enemies of a fireplace?
Do not overlook any such stuff when you are about to enter the winter months to enjoy a hot
fire-lit corner. Therefore, before you embrace yourself with the heat and cosines, make way for
the fireplace by removing all such unnecessary stuff that surrounds it.

Examination of the gasket

Fireplaces that have a rubber gasket along with it meant for leading the excess smoke away from home
should be inspected at the second point. Before you set your fireplace at blaze for the first time
in winters, get it checked or replaced if you happen to find it in a damaged or tampered state.

Fireplace inspection

Handing over the inspection chores in the hands of a professional is a wise step to undertake,
taking into account the safety parameters of your housemates. May it be a gas fireplace or a
wood-burning fireplace, there are chances of issues like gas leaks, damaged parts, safety
hazards, etc., to creep up.
So instead of regretting the same at a later phase, it is always better to get a thorough inspection
done by the professionals to save on the huge repair bills once you start using it and encounter
issues later.


‘A stitch in time saves nine;’ this stands true in every context when you talk about fireplace
repairs and maintenance before enjoying the winters studded with ignited flames. Fireplaces
are love but before using them to heat your home, keep the above-mentioned points in mind for
a smooth and cozy experience.