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Involved in a workplace accident? Learn your next steps and how to claim compensation

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Indeed, you always hope that workplace accidents, or any type of accidents for that matter, don’t ever happen. Taking all the necessary precautions to avoid such an incident is definitely decreasing the chances of being involved in an accident. However, no matter how committed a business is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, some accidents may still happen. In this case, as an employee, it is crucial you know all the necessary steps you need to take. Whether the person or institution responsible is at fault due to negligence or not, learning what to do and how to claim compensation is vital.

Depending on the severity or cause of the accidents, your injury can be from minor to something more serious. Plus, some work environments represent a higher risk than others. For instance, a construction worker is more prone to injuries than a person working in an office building. But, among the most common personal injuries resulting from a workplace accident there are:

  • Slips and falls at the same level caused by wet floors or poor lighting;
  • Falling from a height due to fragile ladders, for instance; 
  • Equipment or machinery in poor conditions;
  • Hazardous substances.

As stated before, the work you are doing can have higher or lower chances of such accidents. Regardless of your job, if you are involved in a workplace accident it is crucial to know what your next steps are and learn how to claim compensation.

Call 911 and seek medical assistance

No matter the severity of the injury, the cause of it and who is at fault, it is of the utmost importance you seek medical assistance right away. Whether you call 911 right away or you make use of the first aid kit on-site – if the injury really is minor, such as a cut – it is crucial you ensure your health is in good condition. 

A noteworthy mention would be to go to a hospital, even if your injury appears minor on the outside. For example, in case of a fall, you might think your only injury is a sprained joint or broken bone. However, in some cases, you might suffer from an internal injury that you don’t notice straight away. Therefore, it is crucial you are serious about your health. 

Report the accident as soon as possible

When an accident happens at your workplace, it is crucial you report it to your manager, to the HR department and the Health and Safety department as soon as possible. Once you have been assured you are safe, you must report the accident to at least one of the persons or departments mentioned earlier. 

This should be the course of action if you see another colleague being involved in an accident. A workplace should be a safe and healthy environment, and if accidents happen too often, precautions must be taken. Even if it is a one-time event, reporting accidents can decrease the chances of another one happening again. 

Record the accident

When reporting an accident, this should be recorded in an accident book. Any business should have such an accident book, regardless of how high risk the workplace is. It is essential to keep a record of accidents, even if they are extremely rare or never happen. This is beneficial for employees, so they know what to do in case of an accident. Companies that provide an accident book also have workers’ compensation insurance and show their employees that the company supports their compensation claim in the event of an accident. In case you are unable to record it yourself, ask a reliable colleague to help you, as it is vital to do this as close as possible to the accident’s date. 

What’s more, a record accident book shows businesses if it is necessary to make any adjustments or enhance their safety measures in order to prevent any other accidents from happening. When a precedent is created, if a company doesn’t deal with such matters, it becomes a matter of negligence.

Gather evidence 

When you are involved in a workplace accident, gathering any form of evidence of it is crucial. This not only will it help your case, but it gives the company the necessary material to prevent another similar accident from happening. The evidence needed in this case is as follows:

  • Photographs of the accident, your injuries and what cause it;
  • Keeping the equipment and tools that caused the accident;
  • Your statement; 
  • Witness statements;
  • Medical evidence.

Claim your workers’ compensation

If you are involved in a workplace accident, you are eligible to claim compensation for personal injury. The amount of compensation you can get is calculated depending on the severity of the accident and the damage done to you. Both your financial and emotional distress are taken into consideration when calculating compensation. 

Therefore, if you are the victim of an accident at work, you can seek advice from professionals at Compensation Calculator UK who can support your decision to file a compensation claim. They can also help you get an estimation as well as gather needed evidence that can help your case. The amount you get can help you pay any medical bills and treatment, cover other expenses such as transportation to and from the hospital, and cover loss of earnings. 

Keep a record of health condition

It is of the utmost importance you keep a record of any medical bills and the course of treatment given by your medical provider, as these can strengthen your compensation claim process and case. But equally important is to keep a record of your health’s condition. So, in case it takes longer than expected for you to recover, you may be eligible in your compensation claim to include financial coverage to future loss of earnings as well. 

Final words

The takeaway from this is that in the event of a workplace accident, it is crucial you:

  • Report and record the accident;
  • Gather as much evidence as possible;
  • Keep a record of your medical bills and health condition progress.

Whether the company you work for is adhering to health and safety regulations, workers should know all the necessary steps and how to claim compensation if they are a victim of an accident at work and suffer from a personal injury.

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