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How to Promote Your Marketing Blog on Social Media

by on October 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

How to Promote Your Marketing Blog on Social Media

Do you have a new marketing blog and want to spread the word about it online? One of the best places to do this is on social media. From Facebook to Instagram, millions of people log in to their accounts on these platforms every day. This makes it the perfect place to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog. Here are some tips on how to promote your marketing blog on social media.

Choose Trending Topics

First of all, in order to promote your marketing blog, you have to create quality content. In particular, you want to write about topics that are trending right now on social media. This is going to make it a lot easier to promote this content since people are already searching for it. You can check out this marketing blog for content ideas. So, take your time and choose topics that you see floating around on the internet and that people are interested in. This is going to drive traffic to your marketing blog.

Always Use Hashtags

If there is one thing you should always do when you are posting on social media, it is to use hashtags. These are not just there for decoration. Hashtags are designed to spread your content and allow other people to find the topics that interest them. So, make sure that you use them every time you post something on Twitter or Instagram. In particular, you should be looking to add around two to five hashtags for each post. While you do not want to have loads since this can put people off, a few are really going to help with promotion.

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Always take your time to find hashtags that are suitable for your post. Take a look at what is trending and what hashtags are popular. This way, more people are likely to find your marketing blog on social media. Once you have a large audience, you can even create your own hashtag.

Use Images and Gifs

When you simply write a post on social media about your marketing blog, this is not going to stand out. It will be easy to scroll past and people can ignore it. But, one thing that a lot of users like on social media is images. This is immediately going to be striking and grab their attention. You can make it related to the post or choose something that is trending or funny. Either way, always remember the power of images and visual content.

Something else you can include is Gifs. This is short for graphical interchange format and it is an image that is animated and it includes a series of images. There is no sound but the looping movement is eye-catching. They are huge on social media right now and this is something you should be using to promote your marketing blog.

Ask Readers to Share

Do not forget that other users can help you share your marketing blog on other social media. But, you have to remind them and ask them to do this. Most social media platforms have a way to share a post and this is something that your readers can do for you. This is going to share your content with other users that you might not reach. So, if someone really likes a post you have made, they can retweet or repost it to their followers. This is going to allow your marketing blog to go far and wide.

Sometimes, your audience needs a bit of encouragement to share your posts. So, one thing you can do is ask them to share your content. This reminder can be enough for people to do this on their social media accounts. Therefore, include a call to action at the end of your post.

Promote Other Blogs

You might think that it is counter-productive to promote other blogs on your social media channels. But, hear us out on this one. You want to promote other blogs on your channels so that they see this shoutout. The bloggers are going to appreciate that you like their posts and are promoting them. The hope is that they return the favour and promote you too. This is going to work well if they already have an audience. This can mean that their followers check out what your marketing blog has to offer. 

Just make sure that you choose to promote other blogs that are going to notice you. For example, huge blogs are not likely to notice this gesture. But, if you target small or medium-sized blogs, they are much more likely to promote you in return.

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