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How to Grow Your Online Gaming Channel

If you love playing games, then the idea of turning your hobby into an online gaming channel where you get paid to play and share your gameplay might seem like an exciting opportunity. 

However, creating and maintaining an online presence takes effort, planning, and skilful marketing strategies. For example, introducing Persona 5 enemies to your viewers, but furthermore, we’ll outline several ways you can start building your audience today and create a sustainable income this post, we’ll outline several ways you can start building your audience today and create a sustainable income stream through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and advertisements, all while streaming online. Let’s get started!

For example, introducing Persona 5 enemies or discussing how to get clay in stardew valley to your viewers, but furthermore, we’ll outline several ways you can start building your audience today and create a sustainable

Make Sure Your Stream Is High-Quality


It’s essential to have a strong internet connection to become a successful streamer. The stronger your connection, the better your stream will look and run. In general, you should have download speeds of at least 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or higher to stream smoothly.

If you don’t have access to that kind of speed, make sure you use a wired connection as opposed to wireless. For example, instead of using your Wi-Fi at home with your gaming console, hardwire it into an Ethernet port on your router for optimum streaming performance.

Promote Yourself

You need a strong online presence if you want people to know about your channel. Put yourself out there on social media and other sites where your audience hangs out. 

The tricky part about promoting yourself on social media is knowing what kind of content to share. It helps if you already have some sort of following for your channel; that way, you can give them sneak peeks at upcoming releases. Of course, even new channels need promotion; simply creating videos isn’t enough nowadays.

Also, talk up your gaming channel at every opportunity in real life: it’s easier than you think! Even just mentioning it when talking with co-workers or family members is better than not doing anything at all. 

Do Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get your audience engaged, generate interest in your channel, and gain some extra visibility. This is a commonly-used tactic by YouTubers with smaller audiences or those just starting out who want to attract viewers—and it can work for you, too. 

Generally speaking, giveaways involve offering free products (in exchange for contact information) that people can enter to win. It’s easy to set up and relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising; you get a wealth of potential viewers just by forking out for one or two prizes. The key thing here is simply being open-minded about what you might be able to give away; think beyond t-shirts and hats!

Play Games People Want to Watch


The easiest way to grow your online gaming channel is by playing games that people want to watch. While you don’t have much control over what games get lots of views, specific genres do well on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, such as multiplayer games with either a strong focus on teamwork or skill-based competition. 

Look at what games other popular streamers are playing and take note when looking for ideas for what to add to your own channel. 

Get Featured on Big Sites Like Twitch

In general, Twitch users can support you by becoming a follower of your channel. It does little for you at first, but once you gain a few followers, that number will show in other people’s streams and the comments on your content; this helps them decide whether or not they should check out your stream too. If they like what they see and hear, they might hit that follow button themselves!

Stream With Other Streamers or Influencers


If you’re trying to get your own channel up and running, look for more established streamers who have a similar audience and schedule streaming sessions with them. Watching an influencer play live will expose you to their gaming style and expertise – and it can also improve your skill level! If you’re in luck, maybe they’ll notice your skillset and ask if you want to team up on future streams.

Invite Viewers Into a Private Chat Room

It’s not always possible to converse with viewers in real-time, but live video allows viewers to send you messages via chat. Set up a private room for them and invite them into it; once they join, open it up for discussion. Not only does that give viewers an opportunity to ask you questions about what you’re doing or your opinion on something, but it also means you can more easily network with other gamers looking for similar topics of conversation.

Play Different Games Regularly

There’s no magic bullet for growing your gaming channel; getting viewers is a process that depends on consistency and maintaining a regular schedule. Just keep playing games, posting content, and having fun with it. 

If you want to get noticed and get bigger numbers, though, you need to be thinking about new ways to keep things fresh for yourself and your audience. One way of doing that is by creating different types of content: live streams vs videos, funny vs serious, etc. Doing so will not only help you stay engaged but also attract different audiences as well.