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Link Building For SEO: Tips, Tricks, And Challenges

by on March 9, 2022 in Business, Search Marketing

Link Building For SEO Tips, Tricks, And Challenges

Talk to any SEO expert or agency and they will always say that Link Building is 75% of what great SEO is all about!

Link building is the practice of building ‘backlinks’ on other websites. Most SEO experts agree that getting backlinks from authoritative sites enables the passing of link juice that can help with everything from SEO metrics to traffic and higher rankings on the SERPs. 

Whether you are an established brand or a start-up looking at increasing digital performance, you need to pursue link building aggressively. 

In this article, we are going to help you with some of the best and most workable link building tips to improve digital presence and performance. If you want to know more about how to hire the best SEO agencies to optimize your link building, find out more here

Understanding Link Building for SEO: What you need to know

If you want a simpler offline explanation of what link building is all about, let me give you an example. As human beings, embedded in social systems, we often end up asking our friends, relatives, colleagues, and partners for help or recommendations. 

‘You should see this doctor; he is great and affordable’. Or, ‘go and eat at this new Italian place, it’s pretty awesome.’ 

For Google’s algorithm, every time a different web platform carries your website’s links, it is doing what your friends or relatives do- recommend!

Link Building is simply other websites (in your niche and that cover your target audiences) that recommend your platform, products, and services. The more links you build, the more recommendations you gather. 

Please pay attention to what Google considers as effective link building- 

  1. Relevancy
  2. Reference
  3. Trust
  4. Authority
  5. Quality
  6. Traffic

In other words, you need your link building to be done on niche-relevant sites. The reference only works when you are speaking to an audience that is the same on the link-built site and your brand. 

5 Link Building Tips for SEO: Improve Traffic and SERP Rankings

In this section, we are going to list down five tips on link building for SEO that will help you improve your brand’s web traffic and SERP rankings- 

  1. Focus on excellent outreach- 

Websites and bloggers will never turn down an outreach request if you do it in the right manner. This means that you need to work with the best email templates and understand what type of content they are looking for. If you are able to tap into their expectations, then all you need to do is establish a relationship, send them content and get a do-follow link in exchange. Conducting outreach is also about having the right focus and tapping into the correct niche for an exchange. For example, if you have a law firm & are not a marketing or SEO expert, your best might be to hire some legal SEO services to identify and establish these relationships properly.

  1. Build links manually on search engines- 

The web is filled with listing and profile sites where you can add your website’s backlinks manually. Whatever your industry niches, there is already an aggregator listing that will be more than happy to help you create a profile. The same goes for platforms like Quora, Reddit, Medium, and Vocal Media. The more manual backlinks your build, the better it will be. 

  1. Create content that helps you earn links- 

Do you think that sites like Forbes, Investopedia, or Entrepreneur ever do any outreach or pay anyone to build links? No. They create excellent, authoritative, and relevant content which everyone links to organically and naturally. This helps them build millions of backlinks without any effort. Make sure that you are creating solid informative and relevant content to earn links. 

  1. Be active on social media platforms- 

There are multiple ways to build great and authoritative links. Being active on social media can help you drive traffic from platforms to your website. In most instances, search engines look at cross traffic coming from social platforms as an upvote. If you are creating exciting and engaging social media content, audiences will be tempted to click on the links. 

  1. Be smart and figure out what broken link building is- 

Sometimes you do not need to invest the time, energy, or effort to build links. You can use a tool that helps you find broken links and reach out to the website owner. No website owner wants a 404 error on their website. If you are being able to help them with relevant content that will be appealing to their audiences, they will not hesitate to give you the link. 

The Final Takeaway

You might love or hate link building, the fact of the matter is that you will have to do it. Whether you get your own team of SEO professionals or hire an external agency, there is no alternative to gaining SEO results or performance without link building. If you have any more questions you would like us to address on link building, please let us know in the comments. 

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