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Essential Woodworking Tools You Need as a Beginner 

by on August 4, 2022 in Business

Woodworking is an incredibly rewarding activity. Whether you aim to be a professional woodworker one day or are simply picking up a new hobby, you’re going to need to know what essential equipment you need. 

Woodworking is a great hobby to start picking up, the process of crafting your own projects is satisfying and rewarding. Whether you want to start making your own garden decor, or a bespoke gift for a loved one, you’re going to need a beginners guide to get you started! 

Luckily Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery have helped us to create this guide on all the essential woodworking tools you’ll need. 

Hand Saws

When you first get into DIY woodworking, acquiring a handsaw is going to be one of the first things on your list! This is because hand saws are incredibly useful in the world of woodworking, you won’t get far without one. This is because handsaws are fantastic at getting into tight spaces that you won’t be able to reach without one.

You can get hand saws in a variety of different sizes that suit you. As you get more experienced, you’ll probably end up accumulating many different hand saws for a range of different purposes. 


Of course when it comes to any woodworking DIY project, you’re going to need a drill. Drills are an essential woodworking item as they can be used to drill screws and nails to attach pieces of wood to one another. In order to construct any complex woodwork project, you will need a good drill and a set of nails and screws ready. 

You can find high quality drills at your local DIY shop. Make sure to take great care when operating a drill, as they can be very dangerous if used carelessly. 

Power Saws

A power saw is a very useful tool when it comes to woodworking. These portable saws can easily cut through wood and other materials to create the outcome you want. The benefit of power saws is in the name, they are much more powerful than regular saws and are to be used with care. 

When working on complex woodworking projects, you may need a power saw to complete your project. This is why having one in your tool shed is important when it comes to starting your woodworking hobby or career.


Another essential tool that you’ll need to kick off your woodworking career or hobby is a sander. Sanders are a power tool that smooths surfaces down. After cutting through wood, the surface can be very rough and cause splinters if you’re not careful. A sander can fix this problem as they are incredibly useful in smoothing out cut wood, and creating a polished finish.

In order to complete any woodworking project, a sander is needed to give it a clean, polished, and smooth finish. This is why sanders are an essential woodworking time that you will need in your tool shed.

The above are just a few of the essential items you’ll need as a beginner woodworker. If you have these items then you’re well on your way to starting your new hobby or business!

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