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How do You edit photos to look like the Ones That are trending on TikTok?

Online marketing is probably the hardest form that there is. Why? Because you need to stay aware of every little change that takes place every day, if you want to be relevant and for your campaigns to work well. It is especially true on social media, including TikTok, which tends to be trendier than the others. That’s why many choose to buy TikTok likes to make their content more discoverable. Here is what you need to know about editing photos like the ones that work best, on that network.

How do Trends work on TikTok?

There are many ways that trends can start on TikTok. Sometimes, a particular song will become popular (new or old), and users will start inserting it into their videos. Most of the time, the goal is to be funny on this social media, and so the song will be incorporated with that objective in mind. But it can be based on a variety of things, such as an animal, a singular image, or even a sound. When these trends start, they can last for days and even weeks. Users of the app all try to get their share of the popularity of it, by creating their own version. For a marketing director, the most important part of the equation is to know when to get into the action, and when to stop. The timing can make the brand look cool, or at the opposite, outdated.

But the trend that is most popular is a viral TikTok photo editing trend. It can last for months. It consists on changing the various settings on a picture, so that it creates a different effect. The most popular one is still ongoing, and it consists on adding brilliancy to the picture, to make it pop out more. This is certainly something that brands can look into. Bringing a more dynamic look to a photo, can only be positive, in the message it sends out to potential buyers of a product or a service. But on other occasions, the marketing team can also decide to join other photo editing trends on TikTok, to make their image more romantic, dreamy, or anything else they feel is appropriate.

It all starts with a Quality Image

In 2022, internet users cannot be fooled by pictures and videos. By now, they have seen so many, that they can tell a good one from a bad one, no matter how much editing it has gone through. That is why it is so important for marketing directors to keep in mind that the original quality of the photo or the video, is what matters most. If you look at it or watch it, and it doesn’t make you feel anything, it should go into your garbage bin, right away, never to be used. 

However, it is very rare that an image can be placed online without revisiting its settings first. Retouching a good image, is like wearing make-up. You do so, not because you don’t look good, but simply to look even better. If you envision photo editing in the same fashion, you will be successful, including on TikTok.