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How Manchester-Based Businesses Can Encourage a More Sustainable and Greener Commute

Just like we check in on friends and family members using social media, one of the most crucial things organisations can do is keep an eye on industry trends so that they can reap the benefits they provide. From artificial intelligence and alternative sources of finance to an improved customer experience and a heightened focus on sustainability, there are many trends to integrate into your business to set you apart from competitors and keep you relevant in your sector. 

However, some trends, like sustainability, have become increasingly challenging to ignore. Today consumers and working professionals are more aware of environmental issues and businesses’ requirements to reduce their carbon footprints, especially those that operate out of big cities like Manchester. While companies must re-evaluate their production and operation processes, it’s also essential not to forget seemingly nonessential routines like commuting. 

As part of many UK professionals’ daily work routines, as of 2021, six hundred and forty-five passenger kilometres were travelled, with cars, vans and taxis being the most common mode of transport. However, despite being convenient, these transportation methods can reap havoc on the environment, so Manchester-based businesses must encourage a more sustainable and greener commute for their employees. We outline several ways to do so below: 

Encourage Hybrid/Remote Working 

If there’s anything about the past couple of years that companies can be thankful for, it’s how much more accessible hybrid/remote working has become. With the emergence of various telecommuting software and programs, flexible working has become possible for companies that might have previously thought remote working was a no-go. 

As well as allowing businesses to go about their day-to-day operations amidst an unpredictable business climate, flexible working solutions have provided many Manchester-based companies with several benefits, making the switch from in-house operation to remote more appealing. From reducing employee absenteeism and making a good work/life balance easier to minimising costs, driving sustainability, and many more advantages. 

Encouraging your employees to work remotely/hybrid is an excellent way to make your employees’ work commute more sustainable and greener since you’re eliminating the number of employees having to travel to work and, in turn, the number of cars on the road producing emissions that contribute to the harming of our environment. 

Disincentivise Driving Petrol Vehicles 

By now, it is common knowledge that driving is one of the polluting activities that UK working professionals engage in daily. As well as contributing to local-scale pollution, the emissions produced by petrol-based modes of transport contribute to global warming, with gasses like nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons reacting with sunlight to create ground-level ozone. 

However, despite being harmful to the environment, at times, using cars, vans, taxis etc., are unavoidable for many UK working professionals since they might not be able to participate in alternate commuting options due to where they live, the type of job they do, and many more reasons. 

Fortunately, Manchester-based businesses with employees with these predicaments can encourage a more sustainable and greener commute in many other ways. From encouraging employees to carpool and asking them to clear out their vehicles regularly to prevent fuel consumption, there are tons of ways that you can encourage those who have no choice but to drive to make greener choices. 

On the other hand, consider disincentivising using their own vehicles entirely by providing electric company cars using a salary sacrifice scheme like the ones from LV ElectriX. Consider visiting their website to discover more about the salary sacrifice scheme, the benefits your company could reap, and much more. Or contact them directly to see how their scheme could help make your employee’s commute more sustainable and greener today. 

Cover Public Transportation Costs 

Another way that Manchester-based businesses can encourage their employees to make greener choices regarding their work commute is by promoting public transportation services over using their personal vehicles. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of living and working in a sizeable city like Manchester is the sheer amount of public transportation options at your fingertips; from trains and buses to trams and cycling, there are many ways to get around in Manchester that don’t involve firing up your car. 

While public transport can reduce emissions by 20% per day, UK working professionals might show hesitation to pay for them out of their own pocket. However, Manchester-based businesses can remove this by offering to cover the cost, which will convince more to use public transport over cars, vans, taxis, and other popular modes of transportation. 

Depending on the types of public transport you encourage your employees to use, some public transportation options offer special discounts for working professionals, which can be handy to take advantage of when trying to implement this as a more sustainable and greener option. 

Yet, since public transport is renowned for not being the most reliable, you should convey this to interested employees so that they know to leave the house earlier than they would if using their personal vehicles. 

As well as encouraging them to start their day earlier in case of delays etc., it might also be beneficial to educate them about the popular public transportation routes around Manchester (especially if they’ve recently moved to the area!) so that they’re able to switch between routes if delays make it more sensible to do so. 

Make The Site Bicycle Friendly 

Compared to a scooter, moped, or motorbike, more people in the UK use a bicycle to make their daily commute to and from work since they are entirely emissions-free. However, employees will only use them if their workplace has a bike-friendly infrastructure. Without them, cycling becomes much more challenging, and they’re more likely to resort to more convenient modes of transport like cars.  

Fortunately, if your Manchester premises isn’t already bicycle-friendly, there are various ways to make changes and encourage your employees to start biking to work. There are many ways to create a bike-friendly infrastructure, from introducing a green travel plan, installing lockers, showers, and drying facilities, starting a cycling group, and providing places to park bikes. 

By implementing the above benefits, you can foster a bike-friendly workplace that will encourage more and more employees to commute via two wheels instead of four, which will help promote a more sustainable and greener commute among your employees. Not only will it help reduce your business’s carbon footprint, but it will also help to encourage your employees to be more active and achieve their recommended one hundred and fifty minutes of exercise per week

Lead By Example 

No matter what sustainable choices you choose to implement, it is essential that everyone in authoritative positions help propel these changes by leading by example. For instance, if you decide to implement electric company cars, yet employers are still commuting to work in traditional gas-powered vehicles, all the efforts to become more sustainable will look hypocritical and will also impact the actions of those throughout the business. 

Instead, employers and those in authority positions should take any changes you make seriously and try their best to join in, as the more people that make a conscious effort to get involved, the better your results will be. Ultimately, your staff will feel the impact more when they’re part of a collective (especially when it’s for the good of our planet!), plus it will foster a sense of community that can be useful for future projects!