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How To Enhance Remarketing Efforts With A CDP

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Remarketing allows you to reach out to previous website visitors and increase the conversion rate of clicks to sales. However, it only sometimes works, with people becoming quickly fed up with seeing ads for a product they’ve just looked at, then following them around cyberspace for several days. If your remarketing approach isn’t having the desired impact, there are ways to enhance your efforts. Incorporating a CDP into your remarketing system will round out your whole digital marketing campaign for a full-funnel effect.

Existing Customer Enrichment

Remarketing isn’t purely about trying to attract lost conversions; it’s also about finding new customers and, importantly, enriching the experience of existing customers. Brand stability and growth rely heavily on forging a loyal customer base who return repeatedly. But if you focus solely on attracting new customers, your loyal customers will only stay loyal for a short time. A CDP allows you to simultaneously provide a personalized marketing experience for existing customers while enticing new customers. 

Brand Collaboration

It’s well-known within marketing that collaborations between brands are a valuable tool for reaching new audiences. A Customer Data Platform offers features such as Segment Match, which gives companies the ability to share information and data in a privacy-safe manner. Consumers’ privacy is protected, while the participating brands benefit by creating exciting new promotions. The cleanroom functionality of Segment Matching encourages insight and data sharing between the collaborators and results in cross-funnel opportunities. 

Lookalike Models

A CDP’s lookalike modeling feature helps businesses find new customers with similar attributes to existing ones. This ability is ideal for engaging with new audiences in new areas and expanding a brand’s reach. It’s also useful for companies entering a collaborative partnership as they can match their seed customers with similar ones from their collaborators. In this way, your marketing campaigns become efficiently streamlined, and there’s a faster conversion rate.


People react best when they feel connected on a human level, and the best way to do this is with a personalized experience. A CDP gathers relevant customer information and utilizes it to target them effectively. Remember those pesky ads that follow you around after so much as glancing at a product online? Your remarketing will yield better results with abandoned cart reminders, personalized discounts on birthdays, and other creative yet straightforward hooks. 

Real-Time Reaction

Technology is ever-changing and improving, and Customer Data Plans are no different. The next step in CDP development is making them work in a real-time environment for improved results across the marketing funnel. When not connecting and reacting in real-time, various applications can become disjointed, causing delays and frustrations. Real-time connectivity smooths these issues making for a less fragmented customer experience and better sales.

Remarketing is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign, and utilizing a Customer Data Plan strengthens its usefulness. A CDP marketing allows you to engage with new customers through secure collaborations while providing a personal touch to encourage repeat custom from existing consumers.