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Eddie Jones Rugby World Cup Commercials

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming Rugby World Cup are reaching new heights, marked by the release of captivating advertisements in preparation for the tournament in France. Notably, Wallabies’ head coach Eddie Jones takes the spotlight in two uproarious video adverts, contributing to the fervor building around the event. These television commercials, unveiled by Rugby Australia, aim to rally their supporters behind the Wallabies in the Rugby World Cup.

Campaigning for Support: Rugby Australia has unveiled a dynamic advertising campaign featuring two engaging television commercials that star none other than the Wallabies’ head coach, Eddie Jones. The essence of the campaign lies in urging fans and enthusiasts to wholeheartedly support the Wallabies as they enter the Rugby World Cup. The two adverts are not only humorous but also carry the resonant tagline, “Where there’s a Wallaby, there’s a way.” This tagline adeptly plays on the narrative of the Australian team being perceived as underdogs for the upcoming tournament.

The Underdog Narrative: Both commercials cleverly leverage the notion of the Wallabies as underdogs in the Rugby World Cup. The tagline “Where there’s a Wallaby, there’s a way” encapsulates this sentiment, resonating with the narrative that despite the odds, the Wallabies have the determination and capability to triumph. This narrative of defying expectations adds an extra layer of motivation and relatability to the campaign, further engaging the audience.

Commercial 1: Proving Dads Wrong: The first of the two advertisements takes a whimsical approach, illustrating Eddie Jones in a comical scenario. Jones is depicted engaging in a doorknocking activity within the community. In an amusing encounter, he meets a father who skeptically lists reasons why the Wallabies cannot emerge victorious in the Rugby World Cup. With a touch of humor, Jones is portrayed taking down the father’s critiques in his trusty notebook. The commercial takes an unexpected turn when Jones, in response to the son’s query about the nature of the criticism, playfully remarks, “The Wallabies. We love proving dads wrong.” This charming twist encapsulates the spirit of the campaign—unwavering determination and the thrill of proving doubters mistaken.

As the Rugby World Cup draws nearer, the emergence of these two brilliant advertisements featuring Eddie Jones underlines the commitment of Rugby Australia to rally support for the Wallabies. The inventive use of humor, the clever tagline, and the incorporation of the underdog narrative collectively contribute to the effectiveness of the campaign. With these ads, Rugby Australia not only aims to encourage fans to rally behind the Wallabies but also presents a lighthearted and relatable take on the team’s journey in the Rugby World Cup.