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A recent Censuswide survey commissioned by social platform Azar has revealed a pressing concern within the Gen Z demographic at universities: a staggering 70% of students report experiencing loneliness on a weekly basis. This data points to a prevalent challenge in establishing social networks in academic settings. In response, Azar has embarked on an innovative strategy to address this issue.

Azar’s initiative involves a unique partnership with UK artist Tess Smith-Roberts for an art installation project in university bathrooms across Birmingham. This strategic move aims to repurpose these spaces into zones of positivity and inspiration, a significant deviation from their traditional use. Bathrooms, often seen as private retreats for students, are being reimagined as areas to foster a sense of community and connection among peers.

The choice of Smith-Roberts, whose work is characterized by vibrant colors and engaging motifs, aligns seamlessly with the objective to elevate student morale. Beyond aesthetic enhancement, the installations are designed to facilitate student interaction and integration within the university community. A key feature of this initiative is the incorporation of QR codes in the artwork, enabling students to access the Azar app, thus fostering new social connections and offering incentives such as tickets to exclusive university events.

This venture underscores the importance of creative solutions in addressing mental health challenges, particularly among university students. By integrating art and technology, Azar offers a solution that resonates with Gen Z’s digital-native tendencies. The project also demonstrates the potential of transforming unconventional spaces into platforms for meaningful engagement and personal growth.

The insights from the survey, which involved 1,000 Gen Z university students, serve as an impetus for educational institutions and communities to prioritize mental health and social interaction. Azar’s approach is a proactive step in addressing the complex social challenges faced by university students, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovative and impactful solutions in the educational sector.