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Head North and Explore the Cold Beauty of Northern Europe

Do you feel a bit stuck in your daily routines? Are you wishing for new adventures and experiences? If so, don’t wait anymore – grab a map, and let’s consider the ideas for your next trip to the world of unknown – the Northern European countries, and explore what they can offer its visitors. 

Baltic experience

We will start our trip in the northern direction from the Baltic beauties – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Though they form the same group of countries, they are pretty much different. 

  • Latvia 

Latvia is simply adorable with its special vibe and atmosphere. Despite active life, you can feel the legerity in everything people do, and the way they live. When visiting Riga, the capital of Latvia, you are sure to appreciate the number of entertainment options in Riga, the stunning architecture, and nature reserves that seem to be embracing every town and city of Latvia. 

Riga entertainment choice will fit any taste, as there is something to do for the party-goes, culture vultures, and admirers of more active trips, with its never-ending trails. 

  • Lithuania

Lithuania is steep in history and culture and will entice every visitor with its castles, fortresses, palaces, basilicas, and churches. Its capital, Vilnius, is one of the oldest medieval towns in Northern Europe. Its architecture, heavily influenced by Italian masters, will capture the heart of the visitors with its refined and exquisite style. 

Moreover, Lithuania has its officially accepted scent – ‘The Scent of Lithuania’, which is a unique approach to a country promotion. 

  • Estonia

When visiting Estonia, you feel a strong presence of Finnish culture, with their modesty and moderation in everything, combined with the architecture of Baroque and Rococo styles, with traces of Russian imperial influence. Estonia has a deep-seated island culture, with the Vikings and medieval heritage. Estonians tend to refer more to the Nordic group of countries. 

Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are close neighbors, therefore, you can easily visit every one of them during a single trip. Just book your tickets, board the plane, and explore new experiences. 

Scandinavian Wonder of Happiness

Scandinavian countries are taking us further in the northern direction. Unlike Baltic countries, they are more expensive, and the weather conditions are less comfortable as well (for those who require warmth). 

Scandinavians have learned an important life lesson – life is what matters most, and every visitor is sure to notice it.

  • Sweden 

Sweden is Lagom, the philosophy of harmony, balance, and sustainability. Swedish experiences teach us to appreciate a moment and the steady pace of life. When traveling to Sweden you will practically feel the Lagom approach in everything and have a chance to enjoy 10 am and 3 pm fika time with the locals. 

  • Norway 

Norway will leave you breathless once you see the fjords. The simplicity of the architecture and lifestyle is offset by the beauty of nature. Norway is the place where nature does all the talking. Just get the right gear and immerse in the amazing and pristine beauty and vibrancy of Norwegian nature. 

  • Denmark

Denmark is always reported as the country with the happiest nation, according to the World Happiness Report, as even the air seems to be filled with the particles of joy and legerity of life. Denmark prides itself on the beauty of nature, colorful houses, numerous castles, and the vibes of positivity. 

Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland is a nature wonder, its colors capture your mind and you just can’t help enjoying every moment spent there. Needless to say, Iceland is a tourist mecca, as everyone wants to witness the diversity of its life and landscapes. Iceland is always different. You can be prepared for cold weather and low temperatures, but the island will welcome you with pleasant and comfortable conditions; it can be raining cats and dogs, and in a moment you see sunshine breaking through the clouds, and bringing a colorful rainbow just above you. Iceland is the land where magic happens everywhere you decide to visit. 

By the way, one of the best ways to reach Iceland is to have a connecting flight to Riga, Latvia with its omnipresent AirBaltic. That’s just a brilliant option for exploring both locations. Riga can welcome you after your active and adventurous tour around Iceland, letting your emotions settle down and making you acquainted with its perfectly balanced lifestyle. 

The Bottom Line

Northern Europe is different in many ways from the conventional way of traveling. If you feel that sunny beaches and popular tourist places don’t bring you as much enthusiasm as they used to before, change the angle of your trips and explore the cold beauty of the northern region of Europe. Apart from aesthetic pleasure, you will reconsider your views on life, and the basic things you need for happiness. Nordic countries teach us to appreciate the moment, our nature, and life itself. 

Don’t postpone your Nordic trips anymore. Book your flight to Riga, Latvia, which is a well-known flight hub, and start to explore the Nordic magic.