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Contentsquare Unveils Groundbreaking Experience Intelligence Platform

Contentsquare, the global leader in digital analytics, has launched its innovative Experience Intelligence platform, promising to transform how businesses understand and enhance customer journeys. This new platform unites four previously separate analytics areas—Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), Product Analytics (PA), and Voice of Customer (VoC)—into a single, integrated solution.

Revolutionising Customer Insight

With this launch, Contentsquare aims to tackle the long-standing issue of data silos that prevent a cohesive view of customer interactions. By merging different data sources, the platform provides a complete picture of the customer experience, helping brands improve key metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention, and conversion rates. The company has embedded artificial intelligence throughout the platform to ensure teams can gain valuable insights swiftly and efficiently.

Key Features of the Experience Intelligence Platform

  • Comprehensive CX Insights: A unified platform offering extensive insights from DXA, PA, DEM, and VoC.
  • End-to-End Journey Visibility: Enhanced tracking of customer journeys across all devices, from acquisition to retention.
  • AI-Powered VoC Capabilities: Quickly deploy surveys and gather feedback, integrating it with user behaviour insights.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Combines qualitative and quantitative data, providing a holistic view of customer experiences.
  • Improved Collaboration: A single source of truth for customer sentiment and digital performance, enhancing team efficiency and impact.

AI-Powered Enhancements

Contentsquare’s platform leverages AI to streamline customer experience analysis. Notable updates include:

  • Frustration Score: Automatically identifies pain points in the customer journey.
  • Generative AI CoPilot: Enhances user interaction within Product Analytics.
  • Automated Surveys and Sentiment Analysis: Summarises findings quickly using AI.
  • Headlines Feature: Automatically highlights key business metrics and performance changes.

Industry Impact

Jennifer Peters, Senior Manager of eCommerce at OLLY, praised the new platform, saying, “Contentsquare helps us better understand our customers and their journeys. By bridging the gaps between different types of data, we can deliver experiences and products tailored to individual interests.”

Strategic Growth

Building on the acquisitions of Heap in 2023 and Hotjar in 2021, Contentsquare is accelerating its mission to offer businesses a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience. The company has invested heavily in innovation, with over 580 professionals dedicated to Product and R&D.

About Contentsquare

Contentsquare is a leading digital experience analytics platform that empowers businesses to optimise user experiences across web, mobile, and app platforms. Its AI-driven insights help over 1300 top brands improve customer satisfaction and agility in a rapidly changing world. Founded in Paris, Contentsquare operates globally and is backed by prominent investors including BlackRock, Bpifrance, and SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

For more information, visit Contentsquare.