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Optimizely Report Reveals AI Adoption Boosts UK Marketing Experimentation

A new report from Optimizely, highlights the growing integration of AI in marketing strategies across the UK. The report, titled “Tested to Perfection,” shows that 65% of UK marketers now use AI in their experimentation approaches, with 45% having adopted the technology within the last year. This marks a significant shift in how marketers are leveraging AI to enhance their A/B testing and experimentation efforts.

The study, which surveyed 100 marketers and 1,000 consumers in the UK, provides a comprehensive look at current experimentation practices. It reveals that nearly nine in ten marketers (87%) consider experimentation vital for achieving their 2024 goals. However, 20% feel their current web experimentation methods are ineffective, and 23% describe their approaches as ‘unsophisticated.’

Budget constraints pose a significant challenge, with 43% of marketers citing lack of budget as a barrier to effective experimentation. Additionally, 39% struggle with insufficient resources, time, and focus. Other issues include inadequate tools or technology (25%), team silos (25%), and the small scale of experiments (18%).

Despite these obstacles, a striking 89% of marketers believe that AI holds the key to overcoming these challenges. Nearly half (48%) plan to use AI to develop more targeted and personalised content in the future. Moreover, 41% aim to generate headlines, images, and CTAs at scale using AI. Over a third (37%) intend to employ AI to dynamically allocate traffic between test variations, and 32% will use AI to formulate hypotheses for experiments.

Marketers are optimistic about AI’s potential benefits: 70% believe AI will speed up experimentation, and 62% think it will improve accuracy. This confidence in AI underscores its transformative impact on marketing strategies.

In an era where every business decision faces scrutiny, many organisations are yet to perfect their experimentation practices to enhance personalisation and boost conversions. By combining AI with experimentation, marketers can precisely determine which content resonates with specific customer profiles, allowing them to adapt and elevate digital experiences.

Optimizely, a leading digital experience platform provider, offers powerful testing, AI-rich optimisation, and customer data capabilities to help marketers deliver personalised experiences that drive revenue and brand loyalty. For more information on how Optimizely supports the entire marketing lifecycle, visit Optimizely Products.