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British weather : “Four seasons and a temperate climate is attractive”

by on February 13, 2012 in Latest News, Marketing, News you can use, Regional

British weather is often seen as a drawback but a marketing campaign is hoping to use the nation’s favourite talking point to attract foreigners.

So can Britain’s weather really boost tourism?

There is little Britons love moaning about more than the weather.

Barely a day passes without a familiar exchange along the lines of: “Isn’t it terrible weather? Isn’t it cold out?”.

Indeed some would argue that – along with tea drinking and queueing – lamenting the weather is almost woven into British DNA.

But according to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Britain is selling itself short.

He says British weather is much better than both Britons and foreigners – who tend to think of Britain as a rainy and cold country – believe.

Announcing a government campaign to attract more tourists, he told the Times: “We have much lower rainfall than Paris. We have to make sure people understand the reality about the weather.”

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