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New : Mailvivo’s case study for Help the Hospices

Case Study from Mailvivo : Help the Hospices is the national charity for the hospice movement.

The charity enables local hospices to provide much needed care for more people by providing advice, information and financial support.

Grants for staff development and training courses contribute directly to the quality of care provided to more than 360,000 seriously ill people, their friends and family every year.

  • Help the Hospices
  • Solution

    Help the Hospices have is now better able to quantify the level of engagement with its regular programme of e-newsletters . Simon has been delighted with the feedback from users on the system’s ease-of-use. The template flexibility and design quality have been the stand-out elements from the feedback received.

    In taking the insights out of Mailvivo and publishing the most popular newsletter and links on the intranet, Help the Hospices has helped motivate marketing efforts across departments. The full accountability of the solution has also led to an informed discussion about the performance of each campaign.

    Going forwards, the charity is planning on taking advantage of the full database integration capabilities of the Mailvivo platform to deliver more sophistication in managing and targeting emails. The Mailvivo solution simplifies audience segmentation and understanding by enabling the automatic distribution and tracking of relevant content to specific groups.

    Mailvivo has been a great choice for us. We have received outstanding feedback from our users over how easy and flexible email communications are to manage. Plus we have been delighted with the response to the re-design. Mailvivo differ from other suppliers we evaluated because they take the client through the whole experience from beginning to end and beyond.

    Simon Brasch, database and website manager, Help the Hospices

  • Needs

    Based in London, Help the Hospices aims to become one of the major providers and facilitators of hospice and palliative care education. In working to make sure palliative care is recognised as a core component in the professional education and ongoing development of everyone working in health and social care, the charity needs to be able to communicate in an engaging and effective way to a wide audience.

    One the charity’s main strategic priorities is to grow the network of communication between people working in hospice care and those in the wider health and social care fields. Help the Hospices aim to establish a digital conversation with their members over a diverse range of issues from providing grants, policy documents, development in hospice and palliative care, financial help, information on courses and conferences.

    Simon Brasch, database and website manager at Help the Hospices comments,

    One of our main requirements is to have an effective 2-way relationship with our members, both communicating with and understanding them better.

  • Visibility

    Help the Hospices needed a solution that gave them much better visibility on how their e-newsletters were being received, to allow them to build a strategic overview and understand the value of their marketing efforts.

    We wanted a solution that was proven, user friendly and stable. After looking at seven potential e-newsletter platforms, asking our users and speaking to their clients, the most positive feedback related to Mailvivo

  • Campaign Management

    Mailvivo’s consultancy-led support approach appealed to Help the Hospices as they require the expertise and knowledge to help them develop as an organisation, connecting their campaigns to a diverse audience.

  • Design

    Mailvivo’s bespoke template creation service was identified by Help the Hospices as key element in their decision process. The charity required a supplier that could offer professional, stylish design services through a range of flexible, multi-branded templates.



Mailvivo enables clients to intuitively create, manage and analyse effective e-marketing programs to build valuable and long-lasting relationships with customers and prospects. Services are priced on a flat monthly fee based on subscriber numbers rather than charging on volume of emails, making Mailvivo particularly valuable to charitable organisations.

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