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Benefit more from buying into an existing structure and platform than starting completely cold on your own

“There are lots of challenges involved with a business franchise,” says Max K Thompson – founder and MD of Plug and Play Marketing franchise in Southampton, Hampshire. “But I absolutely think it was the right decision for us and we’re thrilled we chose this business model.”

Max, along with business partner and entrepreneur Rhys Little started Plug and Play in 2010 after learning of the possible opportunities and possibilities that buying into an existing business model could hold.  Call 02380 982 012

“We wanted to set up our own marketing and digital creative agency but when we found out about Plug and Play and started the conversations with the franchise founder, Peter Richman, we decided we could benefit more from buying into an existing structure and platform than starting completely cold on our own.”

And so Plug and Play Southampton was established in early 2010. Within the space of just two years Max and Rhys have quickly – and successfully – grown the company to be a core member of the digital business hub in the city. With a large and expanding office, three full time members of staff and room for a further three new employees in the next two months the future looks very bright for this creative agency.


Expanding their franchise portfolio Max and Rhys have opened up an office in Winchester and are about to sign off on a new branch in London – not bad considering the company was founded in the midst of a recession when businesses around them were folding.

“We are really lucky that this has worked for us – like any business we’ve had our ups and downs but we’re so fortunate that our franchise model has worked – and is booming. Our remit is and will always be to work with companies and individuals to ensure they become online leaders within their field and our growing portfolio is thankfully speaking for itself.

We’d recommend exploring a franchise to anyone – do your homework, attend some franchise seminars and look at the pros and cons. We’re really happy it’s worked so well for us and long may it continue.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves…

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