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Laughter spot on Pinterest : ‘Nobody move – I dropped my nuts’

For the last ten years one of the most popular sections of theMarketingblog has been ‘Laughter Spot’. With that in mind I set up a fun board on Pinterest  called ‘theMarketingblog – laughter spots’

I am excited this morning because I have just got my first ‘moderate’  hit with a fun pin called Nobody move – I dropped my nuts’

Result so farNobody MOVE!! 44 likes 174 repins and climbing fast!

Fine, That’s a laughter spot interlude. Fun but no real business benefits.  Can you  get product awareness, business branding and new sales from Pinterest – that’s the important question?

In trying to answer that may I point you in the direction of another board I have created for a client called ‘The Thames Valley Return on Influence Conference’.

Here is the blurb. We are on the cusp of a marketing revolution. And it is being led by you   Every company, organisation, and non-profit in the Thames Valley needs to understand the impact of social media influence: how to measure it, how to harness it, how to benefit from it. Will Corry 01784 434 412.

Social Business / No longer an option but rather a necessity.

It is one of the first event boards set up for the UK and there are some very useful extra trimmings that you can use to make it work. My favourite is



Will it work? Check back here early June and I will give you some analytics on whether it did the job in terms of delegates or not.

13 Pinterest Facts (Infographic)


If you want to find out more about Pinterest you should consider coming to our Thames Valley ROI conference 12 June 2012 and hear Mark Ralphs special overview of Pinterest and how it can increase sales.

‘Return On Influence Conference’ and Workshop 2012


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