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More than 220 employees from Creston agencies move in to Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

by on April 2, 2012 in Advertising, Email Marketing, Lead story, Mobile/Tablet, Retail News, Social Media, South West

Creston is relocating two of its leading marketing agencies, EMO and The Real Adventure (TRA), to Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

TRA and EMO will be the first commercial tenants to move into the newly completed Enterprise Zone.Located in the heart of Bristol city centre, The Enterprise Zone is designed to be a gateway for creative services and technology businesses and aims to become South West England’s leading creative industries hub.

“Investment in new offices sends out a strong message to the market about our commitment to the region, our ambitions and growth plans. The move affords both EMO and TRA the opportunity to share and develop creative ideas and continue to drive strategic growth for clients. Our sector is one that is constantly evolving and diversifying. Co-locating in this way fuels growth and inspires collaboration. Investing in The South West, Bristol and the Enterprise Zone means Creston will firmly establish itself at the forefront of the growing creative hub in the South West of England,” comments Don Elgie, Group Chief Executive of Creston.

Both agencies epitomise the outstanding creative companies that Bristol hopes to attract to the new business district.  For TRA and EMO the move makes good business sense, due to its excellent location within the new business district of Bristol and its outstanding transport links, as well as offering access to superior facilities that meet the specific business needs of both agencies. TRA and EMO see the move as an important step in enhancing the profile of Bristol’s creative industries as well as providing a springboard for future growth.

Occupying the West Wing at One Glass Wharf, EMO and TRA will collectively move more than 220 employees into over 27,000 sq ft of office space at the Enterprise Zone.

TRA, one of the UK’s leading relationship marketing agencies, is relocating from its current premises in Bath. It specialises in building long term, meaningful relationships between brands and their consumers using a combination of web, social media, email, mobile, search and CRM. TRA has seen strong organic growth within their blue-chip client base, working with brands such as Cow & Gate, Aptamil, Walkers, Black Horse Finance, Tropicana & Evian.

“We are excited about becoming part of Bristol’s creative sector and hope to enrich and embrace the diverse talent and expertise in the area. Bristol is renowned for its vast numberof highly successful creative businesses and our move reinforces the message that regions like the South West, and cities like Bristol, can compete with the very best that London has to offer,” comments, Joint Managing Director, Matt Hardy, TRA.

For integrated localisation marketing agency EMO, the move will bring its three existing offices in the South West together under one roof.  As the UK’s only full-service localisation marketing agency, EMO specialises in creating hyperlocal solutions for its clients by delivering granular campaigns designed to engage consumers in their local environments. Its prestigious client list includes Tesco, Department of Health, Toyota, IHG and Jaguar.

Bristol’s importance as a creative hub

“Bristol is home to some of the UK’s finest creative and cultural talent. It is also an attractive location for business investment, is a great place to live and work and is actively investing in growing its commercial profile. These factors make it the ideal place for leading organisations to base their businesses.  At EMO we have been proud to be part of building Bristol’s importance as a creative hub. We are looking forward to moving and are pleased to be the first, of what we hope are many, creative-minded industries to relocate to the Temple Quarter,” adds Managing Director, Nick Davies, EMO.

While each agency will continue to operate as a separate entity, both TRA and EMO share a common marketing approach which centres on helping brands to get closer to customers – both physically and attitudinally.

The Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone has been designed to attract the best in the creative services industry and is fast becoming a vibrant centre for creative and digital industries, marketing and entrepreneurial talent. There are over a thousand creative businesses in Bristol, employing approximately 9,000 people and overall they account for 12% of business in the City

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