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A group of Dutch entrepreneurs is getting ready to launch the innovative social event management platform This platform helps organizers to create, promote, manage and broadcast any future event. Whether it concerns organising, concerts, sales, exhibits, parties, sports or any other future happening: Planspot provides one centralized spot to easily and effectively promote events through multiple channels.


Companies currently use a variety of channels to promote their events, like social media, newsletters, flyers, billboards and written press releases. Satya van Heummen, one of Planspot’s initiators, speaks about the challenges organizers encounter: “companies often struggle with the effective use of all these different channels and have trouble to keep a clear overview over their event campaign. Besides, many organizers still find it hard to use the ever-growing social media in an effective way.”

Planspot – Broadcast Your Events from Planspot on Vimeo.


Planspot makes managing and broadcasting events easy and effective by combining all channels into one centralized solution. When creating an event on Planspot, it is immediately created on all connected social networks. Planspot then syncs all attendees with their posts and tweets in a centralized activity feed, enabling the organizer to instantly participate in conversations everywhere without having to switch between social networks. The integrated press centre enables organizers to immediately submit their event to the press. Planspot tracks all press releases and actions, converting them into powerful statistics that provide a clear overview over the event campaign. Van Heummen: “By providing a centralizing event promotion solution, Planspot helps organizers withthe promotion their events in an easier, cheaper and more effective way”.

First time

Planspot is the first worldwide platform focussing on promoting all future events. It is also the first platform that tightly integrates with social media and press. Van Heummen: “The great thing is that most of Planspot’s functionality is completely free of charge, making it accessible for both small companies and large multinationals.” will launch beginning of May on an invite-only basis. Event organizers are very enthusiastic: “We saw the number of invites double over the past two weeks,” states Van Heummen. Invites for the new platform are available for organisers and can be acquired through In a later stage powerful promotion features and statics will be available in exchange for a monthly contribution.



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