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All about Red Rocket Media, AlmapBBDO, the KFC building, Jeff Deighton, Bellwether survey

The social media network Google+ is becoming a haven for photographers wishing to move away from Facebook’s strict rules on images.

According to an article by social media expert Emily Price, Google+ is becoming exceptionally popular with photographers due to the way it handles images and other visual content.By Red Rocket Media


.. To illustrate the power of the picture, Getty tells the story of life, from love to bingo as it were, using 873 images displayed in quick succession over a one minute period.

Gathering the right images and creating the ad took AlmapBBDO six months to complete.


Greenpeace activists have scaled the headquarters of the world’s largest fast food company (1) and deployed a giant banner depicting a Sumatran tiger on the front pillars of the iconic KFC building. The banner read: ‘KFC Stop Trashing My Home’.

“We’re here today to expose KFC’s secret recipe. KFC customers worldwide will be horrified to learn that the fast food giant is using rainforests to make its packaging.


Jeff Deighton of insight engineers writes …

As some of you know, I spent a lot of my spare time over the last few months doing the English Cricket Board Level 2 coaching certificate and with the test series against the West Indies under way (1:0 after Lords), I found myself musing on the foundations for success in team sport and business.


A recent Bellwether survey has found that business confidence among UK marketing executives has slumped to its lowest level in three years, with just 20 per cent of firms predicting a marketing budget increase in 2012.



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