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Surprising ideas that made a lot of money – this time it’s SENDaBALL

Think of SENDaBALL as a different type of greeting card. It started when Michele Sipolt Kapustka saw a bin of bouncy balls in a store, wrote “Have a BALL with your new baby” on it, stuck postage to it and mailed it to a friend.

Over the next few years, Kapustka and her sister Melisa Sipolt Moroko sent them to other friends for various occasions. One day at the post office, a man in line asked Kapustka if she would send one for him. That’s when the sisters realized they were onto something. In 2003, they created a website, and opened up shop in Kapustka’s garage, where the office is still located. So far, SENDaBALL has racked up $1 million in gross sales.

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