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EasyInsites and Mom365 launch the Mom365 Panel with approximately 40,000 members

EasyInsites, specialists in custom panels and innovative online research solutions, and Mom365, the U.S. sister company of Bounty Ltd. in the UK, today announce the launch of the Mom365 panel. This new U.S. mom panel will be comprised of expectant and new moms and will be larger and more deeply profiled than any other U.S. research panel alternative in the market.

The Mom365 panel will also be available for use by researchers worldwide through Cint Access, where researchers can have direct access to panelists for their own research projects. Manufacturers interested in conducting research with this important niche market in the U.S. can contact their preferred market research agency or Cint sales offices directly, all of whom can easily sample from this panel through Cint Access. The panel will be live and available in June, 2012.

The Mom365 panel will begin with approximately 40,000 members, representing young families from those in the first trimester of pregnancy through to those whose youngest child is aged 7. Alongside standard demographics, profiling will also include time-sensitive data such as the expected due date of pregnant women and the age of children in the household. Profiling will also include key demos plus highly relevant measures such as grocery and babycare retail relationships in addition to print, press and online media consumption, and will therefore enable highly accurate and very cost effective sampling for research studies.

Online bulletin boards and focus groups

In addition to online quantitative surveys, the panel can also be used for online qualitative research (such as online bulletin boards and focus groups) and in some cases recruitment to offline research sessions. At sign-up, panelists will confirm their willingness to participate in research via webcam and mobile phones thus enabling the panel to also be utilized for these type research services which are available through EasyInsites or other research agencies.

Mom365: Mary Jo Romeo-President, Mom365: “We are excited about our new partnership with EasyInsites. Having had tremendous success with Bounty UK, we are confident that EasyInsites will manage, grow and market our mom panel effectively. Together with Bounty, we aim to have the largest global parenting panel.”

EasyInsites: Charles Pearson – Co-Founder and Managing Director, EasyInsites: “We have been working with Mom365’s sister company Bounty in the UK for over 2 years. Mom365’s choice of EasyInsites to build and manage their panel is testament to the success of our relationship with Bounty.

Mom365’s objectives are to continue to gain insight on this very important, fast growing and fast changing market, and at the same time to provide their community with the opportunity to voice their opinion to influence the products and services they now need.

EasyInsites is a full service online research agency offering clients a range of innovative
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In addition to our extensive array of java script based interactive question types
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