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Celtech, the leading provider of fully-scalable true real-time centralised systems, has created a trading portal for symbol groups, which enables wholesalers, independent retailers and suppliers to collaborate in real-time, creating greater visibility across the supply chain, streamlining processes and in so doing delivering operational efficiencies and agility.



It is the biggest launch Belfast’s waterfront has seen in a 100 years.

The last one was the Titanic itself.

Now a century later the slipways are dominated by the imposing Titanic Belfast centre designed to commemorate the most famous vessel ever built.


It is closing in to exactly 100 years since the Titanic, the so named “unsinkable” ship hit an iceberg and sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.[more…]


Lauren Fisher of Simply Zesty writes…When I logged into Pinterest last week I saw an insane amount of repinning for a particular green skirt, which is sold on the fashion website Lulu’s:



Irish ex-pats continue to top the list of non-British UK based company directors, according to new research. Iain Lovatt, executive chairman at Blue Sheep

“The research provides a fascinating and valuable insight into how prominent Irish directors are in the UK today. Adrian Brady, chief executive of Eulogy!



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