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eYeka / Campaigning for consumer creativity to be recognised at the Cannes Lions International Festival

by on June 15, 2012 in Events & Awards, Nuggets

eYeka, the online co-creation community of over 200,000 individuals, is campaigning for consumer creativity to be recognised as a category at the world’s biggest annual celebration of creativity – the Cannes Lions International Festival.

Currently the Festival’s Awards ceremony only currently acknowledges “professional creativity” from agencies and marketing teams, not individuals. eYeka’s online campaign – Roar Out Loud – has already gained nearly 10,000 ‘Likes’ of Facebook highlighting the importance of the issue to the industry.

eYeka’s CEO has commented below on the reason for his campaign.

François Pétavy , CEO at eYeka

“Everyone can show creative brilliance. Just look at the remarkable videos, animations and artwork created by talented people on Youtube, Facebook or via co-creation platforms. It is therefore striking that the biggest annual celebration of creativity – the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity – only recognises “professional creativity”.  A brilliant piece of creative work or a creative idea developed by a passionate individual will go unacknowledged even if it has a direct, positive impact on its viewers and on brand owners

“Not only does this undermine the fantastically original work of individuals, but it also impedes brands from benefiting from an extremely valuable dialogue with people they ultimately value most: consumers. Creative talent exists outside the four walls of agencies, and individuals have earned their right to be heard.

“We are currently in discussion with the Cannes Lions organisers about the prospect of considering a new “consumer creativity” category. To enrich the discussion we would love to get different viewpoints about the merits of such category, the pros and cons, the pitfalls… from yourself and your readers, as it is a topic with increasing relevance to marketing and advertising professionals.

“In the social media era, we hope that individual creativity will soon be acknowledged and celebrated, even by the professionals, and not swept under the red carpet.”

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