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Tom Bird talks about the most comprehensive network of digital marketing suppliers and agencies in the UK (+ video)

Tom Bird writes .. We at have a genuine passion for searching out the right clients and matching them with the right agencies and suppliers in the marketing world.

Make your agency part of the network and win new business

We make the process of winning new business easier and more cost effective. Agencies are fed up with paying for briefs or meetings that come to nothing – join the network and only pay when you win. It’s in our interest to find the right clients for you.

Hello clients – Interested in how the network can help you find the right agency for your business or brand?

We are here to make the complex digital landscape easier for you and your brand. We will find you exactly the right supplier to help move your business forward no matter the size of your budget, your timescale or what your business objectives are.

It’s all about matching the right clients with the right agencies -Digital Agency Expert have the most comprehensive network of digital marketing suppliers and agencies in the UK. Skills audited and credit checked for client ease and convenience.

Thanks to all the agencies and clients who have helped create a truly unique proposition – and helping us stay true to our two mantras.

1 – Create such a strong proposition for both clients and agencies that it’s a ‘No Brainer’ to join…

2 – Always remember Milton Friedman’s quote.. “The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”

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