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Do you want to get in front of the eyeballs of your customers and get a ‘great results’ reaction? / Will Corry

by on July 14, 2012 in Email Marketing, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, London & South East, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, Retail, Retail News, Small Business, Startups, Twitter

  • He has just heard about theMarketingblog and how it can generate results! And he’s impressed
  • TheMarketingblog  has been helping  B2B companies to listen, understand & engage in conversations with marketing decision makers and influencers for the last ten years. It is “the ultimate guide to the email marketing / social media jungle”
  • It’s all about social media, tech, business and entertainment for successful UK B2B companies
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Question  :  Are you  happy with your social media marketing this year?

If not – you should seriously consider the ‘View from the Top’ plan from theMarketingblog.  “Influential brand profiling and positioning from targeted social media journalism”.

Contact Will Corry, the UK Brand Journalist 01784 434 412 .

Call today your time will be very well spent.


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