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Going abroad for economic reasons

If people live in economically disadvantaged countries which are in high debt and witness a significantly rising inflation, they have two choices: either they decide to stay in their place enduring their low wages or unemployment or they decide to leave the country in order to start a better life in a foreign place. Globalization, which is partly the reason for an economic crisis, also offers opportunities to make an emigration easier. One country, or rather continent which promises a better life is Australia as it can refer to a high GDP per capita and a low rate of poverty. People, who decide to start anew Down Under, can choose different paths.

Choosing a business branch

Generally speaking, Australia offers jobs in every sector. The primary sector is to a large extent represented by the coal companies and the energy and mining industry as well as agriculture. The secondary sector is characterized by the manufacturing of clothes and the motor vehicle industry. The third sector is manifold. One of the most important branches is tourism, education,the media and logistics. All in all, there is enough opportunity for immigrants of getting a job in their specific professional field.

Australian mentality

In business, Australians tend to be much more relaxed than people from other countries. It is normal to address your colleagues by their first name, for example. For that reason, living in Australia is often described as easier and more rewarding. As Australia has been a popular immigration country for a long time, citizens are open for every ethnicity and nationality. The mixture of being subject to Queen Elizabeth II – in her role as Queen of Australia – and of being a vibrant multicultural country makes Australia an exciting place embodying colonial and postcolonial history.

Multiculturalismus and Open Mindedness

As mentioned before, Australia is a popular immigration country and therefore has a huge variety of ethnic groups and cultures from all over the world. With such a variety of people it’s not surprising that the style varies from person to person. It’s not unusual for people to wear military watches with suits when they go to work. Tolerance and open-mindedness are widely spread and help to create a peaceful working society.

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