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Mobile App designed to make tracking relevant content whilst on the move simple and straightforward

by on July 13, 2012 in Latest News, Nuggets, Research

On-the-go PROs need immediate access to the latest media coverage

Precise research reveals nearly three quarters of PROs deem it ‘extremely important’ to view coverage as it lands.

“Our Mobile App is designed to make tracking relevant content whilst on the move simple and straightforward”

Seventy-three per cent of PR professionals say it’s ‘extremely important’ to have immediate access to the latest media coverage about their organisation or brand. The figures arrive on the back of a survey of 200 PR professionals conducted by Precise, the business information group that monitors and analyses content and conversations on behalf of companies and brands.

Commissioned to help Precise better understand the issues faced by today’s PR professionals, the survey also found that 88 per cent of those polled said that not being up to date with important coverage left them feeling ‘exposed’ when meeting clients or internal stakeholders.

With the explosion of media channels to monitor, it can be difficult for PR professionals to stay on top of every single piece of coverage for every stakeholder and client on mainstream and social media channels. They can easily find themselves missing key coverage, or receiving it too late to react effectively. According to the survey, the top situations that leave PROs exposed to missing coverage are – being in meetings (67 per cent), travelling (52 per cent) and being away from the office (43 per cent).

This research confirmed a growing need to be kept in touch whilst on the move and as a result Precise is today launching the Precise Mobile App. Designed with busy PR professionals in mind, it aims to solve some of the problems they face by allowing its subscribers to have access to the latest information wherever they are and across multiple smart phones and tablets. Access to coverage is fast and intuitive and can be viewed exactly as it appears in the publication.

Keir Fawcus, Managing Director of Precise said:

“Our PR clients are busy people, often managing multiple clients, stakeholders and issues. The Precise Mobile App allows them to review their mainstream media as well as key social coverage on any smart phone or tablet in real time wherever they are. As well being able to view coverage exactly as it has been published they can use the App to engage with colleagues and contacts.”

Fawcus added:

“Our clients are also telling us that their senior contacts, including those at board level, want immediate awareness of significant coverage and comment regardless of where they happen to be. With the Mobile App our users will be able for example to read their coverage on their iPad before or during their commute to work or review and respond to relevant Twitter updates as they happen on their Galaxy whilst waiting for a flight.  Our Mobile App is designed to make tracking relevant content whilst on the move simple and straightforward.”

All existing Precise subscribers will get free access to the Mobile App. Precise will add further content and capabilities to the Mobile App in the near future, enabling clients to carry out an increasing number of key activities whilst on the move through a single easy to use application.

For more information please contact:

Juliette Murray on or call 020 7264 4808

Tom Green on or call 020 7592 120

About Precise

Precise is a business information group that monitors, analyses and draws insight from news, opinions and conversations to help organisations understand the trends and influences that impact on their businesses.

It provides a unique range of media monitoring and evaluation services and software applications to public relations, marketing and media professionals.

Precise is used by 5,000 agency, corporate, consumer, financial, charity and public sector clients including the majority of the top 100 PR agencies and more than 75% of the FTSE 100

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