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Online shopping / “The amount of money spent online has gone through the roof”

Online shopping reaches new peak

Over the last couple of years online shopping has gradually become more and more important for consumers and therefore for the economy in general. Especially since smartphones and tablets have become so popular and affordable and wireless internet has become available for everyone on their mobile gadgets, the amount of money spent online has gone through the roof.

In the UK alone, ten percent of the money spent by its inhabitants is spent online. This is very high and it shows that online shopping has become a mainstream activity.

Security standards higher than ever before

Another decisive factor which has helped establish the internet as a channel of distribution is that secure ways of paying are available. Though attempts of fraud like phishing or syping on one’s personal data are still attempted by criminals, online shopping is now as safe as it ever was.

As a matter of fact, people can choose between various online payment options, the most well known and most popular among these being paypal. The fact that online shopping has become so popular has forced every store to run its own online store. Whichever store doesn’t give potential customers the opportunity of browsing through the various offered goods online won’t stand any chance against the competition in the long run.

A paypal shop is therefore an absolute necessity for any owner of a shop.

Is there a downside to online stores?

Does the success of online sales come at the expense of stores on the street?

This is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, the sales of large stores did in fact decline due to their improved sales on their online stores. Smaller shops, however, have managed to exceed their own expectations, maybe due to the fact that regular customers continued to shop there while new customers could be won over due to their online stores.

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