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“My boyfriend has just told me he is breaking up with me by Facebook”

Simon van Wyk writes What are the hottest three trends in marketing? Mobile, mobile, and mobile.

Mary Meeker recently invited us to ‘re-imagine’ virtually everything. The growth of mobile, an ever-more-sophisticated array of smartphone devices and tablets in addition to faster connection speeds is ushering in a whole new world.

Smartphones are of course another stage in the revolution that started in 1995. The real outcomes of this revolution are all around us with almost every industry being reshaped by new competitors and the global realities of the digital age.  photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photo pin cc

While marketers have only recently carved out a digital budget from the traditional TV and print spend, the mobile era presents yet another challenge.

Too many businesses are still using old world media thinking and using digital media primarily as an extension of their offline media plans. Where’s the world of mobile re-invention and re-imagination in this?

Of course, brands have been quick to invest serious dollars on a splurge of apps and new opportunities to engage with consumers with a fast, crisp, seamless brand experience anywhere, anyplace.

However, I think that most businesses have failed to appreciate the true nature and magnitude of the shift to smartphones and tablets.

First brand touch point will be mobile

Yet we’re already very close to the point where more people access the internet via a smartphone rather than a desktop. Smartphones and tablet devices have changed our lives permanently. At some time very soon, mobile will be the very first touch point at which people experience your brand.


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