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Must-see video – Samuel L. Jackson shouts “Wake the **** up”

The Jewish Council on Research and Education released a new ad this morning — featuring the legendary Samuel L. Jackson — in which the movie star reads a profanity-laced story to a passive family about the importance of campaigning for President Barack Obama with more gusto.It is an absolute must-see. Thanks to Gavan for this one

In the video, Jackson and his little friend convince a young girl’s family — parents, siblings, and grandparents alike — to stop being complacent and support Obama, aided by information about Mitt Romney’s positions as well as some of the most creative uses of the F-bomb in modern rhetoric.

Best part? Near the end, to grandma:

JACKSON: Hell no, it can’t wait. Your lives will be affected. Romney and Ryan will gut Medicare if they’re elected. Ask the fact checkers. Those two are fact duckers … SAY HELL NO, M************!

Needless to say, throw on some headphones.

It is an absolute must-see.

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