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MediaMind / UK users more comfortable with instream video and mobile advertising

by on September 10, 2012 in Lead story, Metrics, Mobile/Tablet, Online Video, Research

MediaMind releases data from thousands of campaigns and billions of ad impressions.

Data-hungry advertising geeks rejoice! Leading global ad server, MediaMind, has launched its latest biannual ad Global Benchmarksperformance report.

The H1 2012 MediaMind Global Benchmarks report is available from the research section of MediaMind’s website at

The benchmarks report, which collates data from thousands of advertisers and campaigns, and billions of impressions, is one of online advertising’s standard texts – offering performance benchmarks (including CTR, dwell time and rate, video start and completion stats) by vertical, ad format and ad size with country-by-country comparisons.

The latest benchmark report reveals the following about UK consumers:

UK consumers more keen on instream video ads

Video Due to high levels of user experience with video advertising in the UK, viewers seem to be more willing to watch video ads, indicated by higher completion rates than the broader region. The difference was the highest among in-stream video, where 75.02% of video ads played to completion, compared to 74.32% in Western Europe and 56.94% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – where Internet users are less familiar with the format.

Mobile ads performing better in the UK than in US

Mobile advertising in the UK was also effective: Mobile banner CTR reached 1.15%, almost three tenths of a per cent higher than the US (0.87%).

Richer formats drive stronger CTR

According to MediaMind’s H1 2012 Global Benchmark Report data for the UK, standard banners had a CTR of 0.08%. Online ads experienced a rise in click-through rates (CTRs) as they incorporated more rich media elements, including rich media with in-banner video (0.17%), expandable formats (0.23%) and floating ads (2.09%).

Expandable formats and pushdown banners also had higher dwell rates than any other rich media formats, at 7.22% and 9.28%, while dwell time reached 70.28 seconds and 70.22 seconds for the ads. Dwell, a proprietary MediaMind metric, uses a cursor tracking technology that measures how long a user hovers over an ad or plays a video.

Why do benchmarks matter?

Benchmarks are vital to the industry as they allowadvertisers to see how their own campaign performance measures up and what tactics and formats are working best for others. The MediaMind report covers 49 countries, offering particularly useful insight for advertisers assessing the performance of global campaigns.

The H1 2012 MediaMind Global Benchmarks report is available from the research section of MediaMind’s website at

MediaMind is the online division of DG and the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions.

About MediaMind

MediaMind, a division of DG (NASDAQ:DGIT), is a leading global provider of digital advertising campaign management solutions to advertising agencies and advertisers. MediaMind provides media and creative agencies, advertisers and publishers with an integrated platform to manage campaigns across digital media channels and a variety of formats, including rich media, in-stream video, display and search.

During 2010 MediaMind delivered campaigns for approximately 9,000 brand advertisers, servicing approximately 3,800 media and creative agencies across approximately 8,200 global web publishers in 64 countries

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