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Video ads are 27 times more effective than banner ads

  • A new study by MediaMind found that that the click-through rate (CTR) for online video is 27.4 times that of standard banners and almost 12 times that of rich media ads.
  • The results also revealed that, globally, people were 10 percent more likely to watch an interactive video ad (VPAID) to completion than rich media ads that include video

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photo pin cc

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1 thought on “Video ads are 27 times more effective than banner ads”

  1. Not sure if I find that statistic particularly convincing – and in any case the real test would be the conversion rate and ROI from the different ad types. Generating visits is an interesting metric, but unless it is backed up with information on conversions, brand recognition or other numbers that show value, it could just be costing money.

    Personally, I find video ads no more effective. The better ones need a click to play anyway, while a site with video ads that auto play or play on accidental mouseover tend to make me want to leave the site.

    I wonder if you could measure how many of those clicks were near misses of the stop or mute buttons?

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