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What does Tesco know about ebooks that the boys over the water don’t?

We at theMarketingblog were particularly interested in this ‘fresh’ story from the US. These guys are puzzled about the fact that two of the largest retailers on the planet decided to sit ebooks out? More to the point they ask why then is Tesco getting involved.

News has broken that Tesco has acquired Mobcast .

We want our customers to have the widest choice in digital entertainment. We are already one of the UK’s largest booksellers and Mobcast will help us offer even more choice for the large and growing number of customers who want to buy and enjoy books on their digital devices whenever and wherever they want. – Michael Comish, CEO Tesco Digital Entertainment

Combined with blinkbox and WE7, Tesco now offers customers a complete suite of digital video, music and ebook services – all linked directly with Tesco’s (significant) customer loyalty programs.

It’s difficult to read this release and not think about the digital content strategies for WalMart and Target here in the States. Tesco is one of the most admired major retailers on the planet – a company from whom strong, innovative ideas are “borrowed” on a regular basis.

While WalMart has been aggressive and somewhat successful in its pursuit of digital video via Vudu and UltraViolet, Target has stood completely still on the sidelines. Both retailers have been extremely static with regards to ebooks – a service offering that fits with their retail and brand strategies (just look at the prime space physical books get in their stores).

Why have two of the largest retailers on the planet decided to sit ebooks out?

What does Tesco know about ebooks and customer engagement that WalMart & Target don’t?

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photo credit: Eric Rice via photo pin cc

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