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Following the overwhelming success of the recent June event in San Francisco, AllFacebook Marketing Conference heads to London on 19 November 2012 for an inside look at Facebook innovations and monetization issues impacting today’s top digital media and marketing experts.

One of the keynote speakers – Projjol Banerjea is Director of Marketing at SponsorPay, an award-winning Berlin-based start-up that provides an innovative advertising solution for the monetization of premium content or virtual currency on social networks, virtual worlds, mobile apps as well as online games and services. 

Register here and use MARKBLOG12 for a special Marketingblog 15% discount

The way consumers engage with brands has fundamentally changed. Consumers are sharing more online than ever before, and the true power of word of mouth marketing has bubbled up to the social media surface. Platforms and brands alike have taken note, and evolved accordingly.
This is largely due in part to the potential of Facebook’s Open Graph which facilitates and reinforces the importance of fostering consumer-to-consumer sharing. In this session, panelists will provide an overview of how the Open Graph provides fresh opportunities to marketers, highlighting elements such as third-party action, object integration and structured stories.
The Panelists will illustrate their points with real-life brand examples and further discuss the importance of integrating Open Graph opportunities with their web site and other marketing initiative.

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