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The Lumata Group at Mobile Marketing Live – Brand Activation, Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention over mobile

by on October 14, 2012 in Ecommerce, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Pinterest, Retail News, Social Media, Twitter

Mobile as marketing channel may finally be reaching a tipping point, fuelled by the rapid rise of smartphones and rich media consumption. As consumers embrace the next generation of technologies, brands have a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with them over mobile.

The Lumata Group support brands in integrating mobile strategies within the marketing mix and eliminating the complexity of delivering marketing messages across channels, devices and geographies. The Lumata Agile Marketing Platform (LAMP) is at the heart of their marketing solutions that specifically address the challenges of Brand Activation, Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention over mobile.

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