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“Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza” / A perfect tie-up for Pizza Hut Delivery

Pizza Hut Delivery has enlisted the expertise of a die-hard gaming fan and top blogger to create the company’s latest marketing campaign after the pizza lover’s review of the company’s 2011 limited-edition “Halo Anniversary Pizza” generated over 30,000 views on YouTube.

The launch of the exclusive “Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza” and accompanying microsite,, is the second time Pizza Hut Delivery has teamed-up with Microsoft’s cult Xbox Halo game series, after a joint 2011 online marketing campaign amassed an unprecedented following amongst Halo fans on social media.

Marketed solely online, last year’s campaign surpassed expectations as the launch of the “Halo Anniversary Pizza” caught the imagination of pizza fans and the gaming world keen to discover the mystery “Halo taste”.  The sale of the specially-created pizza was also supported by awarding customers with a free, two-day Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

In response to overwhelming positive feedback, this year’s campaign has been developed to incorporate the feedback of pizza fans, including Halo addict and YouTube user FlawlessCowboy, after his spontaneous “Unboxing and Review of the Halo Anniversary Video”, in which he made suggestions of how Pizza Hut Delivery could enhance the “Halo Experience” for fans.

Based on input from fans, Pizza Hut Delivery has made the campaign bigger and better for 2012 with the launch of a bespoke microsite,, where customers can claim an exclusive Halo 4 Avatar and win legendary prizes in advance of the worldwide launch of Halo 4 on 6th November, exclusively for Xbox 360. In addition, Pizza Hut Delivery has created bespoke Halo 4 pizza boxes, filled with a mouth-watering “Halo Stuffed Crust Pizza” that feature a delicious golden halo of Red Leicester cheese melting on the signature Stuffed Crust to give it a real golden Halo effect. To support the launch, Pizza Hut Delivery have worked with Microsoft to create a wide range of printed materials including; voucher booklets, direct mail, box toppers and emails.

The excitement of this year’s campaign has already matched that of last year, with 100,000 exclusive Avatar figures redeemed from the microsite in less than two days. The campaign has proved another hit on social media and amongst bloggers, with FlawlessCowboy’s 2012 “Unboxing and Review” creating around 5,000 views in just 24 hours.

Amy Ashken, Assistant Brand Manager at Pizza Hut Delivery, said, “We have been overwhelmed with the response to our marketing partnership with  Xbox and Halo 4. With so many of our customers enjoying a night in with pizza and their Xbox, this has been a perfect tie-up for Pizza Hut Delivery and we are delighted that it has generated such a positive reaction from customers.

“This is an excellent example of how a well-targeted marketing campaign can capture people’s imaginations and we were determined to respond to feedback to make this year’s campaign bigger and better for our customers.”

YouTube user FlawlessCowboy said, “I did a video review of last year’s pizza and, if truth be told, I thought there could have been more of a “Halo Experience” for fans. This year it’s a totally different story and Pizza Hut Delivery has really gone to town! The cheese coated crust is delicious, it’s just a shame it won’t be a permanent fixture of the menu. I love that they’ve included downloadable armour for your Xbox Avatar too, that’s a really cool freebie and I wouldn’t be surprised if the box became a collector’s piece in a few years – it’s awesome! Nice work, Pizza Hut Delivery!”

Pizza Hut Delivery’s “Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza” is available to order online and in delivery units until December.

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  1. Seems like an excellent idea to me! I suppose this will mean plenty more of these. Nintendo’s Wii U is out later this month in Amerca and Europe so I wonder if the Japanese firm will try any unusual advertising techniques? They could try Subway Sandwiches, for instance; buy a foot long sandwich in the shape of Mario’s moustache! Or would that be a bit creepy? Resident Evil 6 is out soon, too, on the PS3. Capcom could do a Pot Noodle Special; open it up, “cook”, and it looks like brains! Shame Halloween just went by.

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