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WOW Analytics / Take advantage of our special Christmas promotion – 2 months free WOW Analytics licence

by on December 9, 2012 in Lead story, Research

Luke Knight writes .. It’s that time of year where the sales leads go quiet in the run up to Christmas and no one wants to answer your cold calls, but still targets have to be met and sales pipeline has to be made, and theoretically you have fewer weeks due to annual leave in order to generate business.

You may buy costly mailing and contact lists to try and boost sales in this quiet period, but still your hear those fateful words ‘Call us back in the New Year’.

Have a Merry Christmas on WOW Analytics by checking out our Promotions Page.Eureka you’ve come up with an idea, do some email and pay per click campaigns to drive traffic to your website in the hope they will make contact, but alas your website stats increase but still hardly any businesses have contacted you through these paid for campaigns, the time is ticking and what do you do?

It’s not too late to take advantage of our Christmas promotion, simply use Partner Code: WOWXMAS when signing up and you will get 2 months free WOW Analytics licence, there’s no obligation to sign any contract and no credit card is required, but after using WOW within your sales and marketing process you will be amazed how you ever lived without it.

So you ask, ‘What does WOW Analytics do for me and how easy is it to implement?’, well the implementation process is simple, after registering, copy and paste the tracking code onto each page of your website you would like to track (much like Google Analytics) and you’re up and running.

WOW Analytics ensures that all the time and money you have spent marketing and driving traffic to your website has not been in vain as no longer do you have to wait for these visiting companies to make contact with you. WOW will show you the company names of your website visitors, their address, contact details, what pages they looked at and with our Linkedin integration show named contacts within the company that you can pro actively contact, what a great Christmas present to your sales team, hot opportunities delivered straight into their email inbox. Find out more of WOW’s features.

No longer are your website visitors company identity like a wrapped up Christmas present that will never be opened, now unwrap those presents (sales opportunities) all year around with WOW Analytics, fill your stockings (sales pipeline) to bursting point and no longer waste budget driving anonymous traffic to your website! Find out more details how WOW is an ideal tool for your Sales team.

Have a Merry Christmas on WOW Analytics by checking out our Promotions Page.

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