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Pastry experts Jus-Rol have teamed up with mobile cashback couponing specialists Shopitize


Jus-Rol, suppliers of premium quality pastry for over 50 years, has announced it is teaming up with Shopitize ( to offer discounts on many of its high-quality pastry products.

Thousands of savvy shoppers are already using Shopitize’s unique cashback shopping service through its mobile cashback couponing shopping app, making it easy for brands to connect with their customers and to reward them for their loyalty.

All money-conscious shoppers need to do is download the free app, register, peruse the items on offer and go shopping. The app is easy to understand and simply takes the hassle out of using cashback coupons.

Jus-Rol, which is part of the General Mills group, has been manufacturing premium quality ingredient pastry for over 50 years. Based in Berwick-upon-Tweed, it offers a comprehensive range of pastry including frozen sheets, blocks and shapes, covering all types of pastry from filo pastry to light and flaky puff pastry, as well as traditional shortcrust pastry.

The items on offer to sharp shoppers via Shopitize’s cashback app include puff sheets and puff blocks chilled and frozen, shortcrust sheets and shortcrust blocks chilled and frozen, as well as its light puff pastry to appeal to those of us who watch what we eat.

Jus-Rol joins big-name brands Kellogg’s, United Biscuits, Aunt Bessie’s and newcomer Little Dish in offering exclusive deals to switched-on shoppers.

“We are delighted to be joining the Shopitize mobile-cashback couponing revolution,” says Audrey Jackson-Pownall, Senior Brand Manager – Jus-Rol.

“All brands need to stand-up and take notice of the sheer power of mobile marketing, and Shopitize’s mobile-cashback couponing app now takes this to the supreme level. It will enable Jus-Rol to connect directly with our customers in a completely new way which is not only highly effective, but also fun.”

Alexey Andriyanenko, co-founder and managing director of Shopitize, says: “Shopitize is happy to announce that Jus-Rol has signed-up and will now offer its premium pastry products through our mobile-cashback couponing app.

“Brands are beginning to realise that mobile couponing is the future. It is a powerful tool that gives them the opportunity not only to offer discounts on products but to connect with shoppers directly in their pocket.

“If you look around on a train, a bus or at any café or restaurant all you can see is people using their smartphones. They are everywhere and this makes them the most powerful marketing tool around today, and if brands don’t utilise this avenue they will simply be left behind.”

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