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The latest update on the SodaStream banned advert

I’m just getting in touch with the latest update on the SodaStream banned advert, which was pulled from transmission in the UK by advertising services organisation Clearcast as it was deemed a ‘denigration of the soft drinks industry’.

Despite having strong grounds to escalate the dispute around the “SodaStream Effect” ad to a legal hearing, SodaStream has taken the decision not to venture into a judicial review due to the huge costs involved and the protracted nature of the process.

SodaStream MD Fiona Hope said, “With Climate Week upon us, it is sad that we are unable to use TV to deliver our powerful message about reducing waste and creating a more sustainable future.”

The 30 second ad, which aired in the US, Australia and Sweden, shows different scenes of soft drink bottles disappearing instantaneously as people use the SodaStream soda maker, delivering a powerful message about waste and sustainability. The spot closes with the line ‘with SodaStream you can save 1,000 bottles per year.’



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