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“Probably chopped his small todger off with one swift swirl of his sword!” / A ‘train strain’ rant from Jon Davey

by on April 24, 2013 in Blunders, Latest News, Regional, Rock 'n Roll

Jon Davey writes …Just got back from a great weekend in Harrogate seeing the family… I wonder how St George would have responded to the dragon I met on the train coming back… probably chopped his small todger off with one swift swirl of his sword!

Let the train take the strain, that’ll be right. East Coast bargain ticket proved to be a sprat to catch a mackerel… part of a spider’s web of deceit… how can we ensure we minimise the number of people using the rail network… easy, East Coast already know how…

I’d not been up to Leeds for a couple of years, the folks always coming down to us… it’s easier on the whole but my sister had requested on a few occasions that it would be nice to see us for my niece’s dance show… after the 6th request I felt I at least should go… a return ticket was book for around £50. BARGAIN! Or so I thought…

I frequently travel to London on the train, the price being determined by the time I choose to set off, not by which train I return on.

I got myself to King’s Cross early to avoid any delays and considered getting the train that was already in the station but figured it might be full and I had a reservation on the next so I’d just wait.



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