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Movers & Groovers : NBC to appoint British woman as first ever female president of a network TV news division

  • NBC News also faces the same ratings difficulties as other television networks as well as competition on the internet.
  • The channel has also announced that it is axing ‘Rock Center With Brian Williams’ due to disappointing ratings, just 14 months after it launched in a blitz of publicity hype.
  • The show launched last March as a primetime news magazine and despite securing several high-profile interviews during the 2012 election cycle and winning an Emmy for its interview with Jerry Sandusky, it failed to establish itself with an widespread audience.
  • Deborah Turness set to be next NBC News president and first female president of a U.S. network television news divisio
  • She will join from ITV News in the U.K. and her brief will include turning around the ‘Today’ program

ITV and NBC News have had a content-sharing relationship for several years; NBC sometimes televises reports from ITV correspondents in Africa and the Middle East.

NBC News, founded in 1940, was the nation’s first producer of television news; it was joined later by ABC and CBS. The news division has had nine presidents in the 73 years since its founding.



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