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Jackie Fast, Managing Director, Slingshot Sponsorship, was announced this morning as one of the youngest ever individuals to be elected as a Board Director of the European Sponsorship Association.  Jackie will now sit alongside fourteen other Directors; setting the standard for the sponsorship industry for coming years.

In the wake of the success of this year’s ESA Sponsorship Summit, which addressed significant shifts within the industry, ESA is set to further develop itself alongside its new Board Directors.  Jackie’s appointment highlights ESA’s continued drive to enhance the industry – seeking to challenge the ethos and make significant contribition to its progression.

ESA was formed ten years ago with the premise to unify, strengthen and advance the business of sponsorship throughout Europe.  The industry itself, once predominantly focused upon sport and large corporates, has profoundly shifted in this time.  The body’s appointment of Jackie Fast to the Board conveys its recognition of the changing market, and the need for the industry to adapt with it – further promoting its role to inspire and innovate.


Clarks has selected the visual campaign builder (VCB) tool from global expert in testing, personalisation and cross channel optimisation, Maxymiser, to support their online testing campaign.

Clarks is one of the best-known brand names on the UK high street, but with operations in North America, Eastern and Western Europe, India and China, it is also the fourth biggest footwear company in the world. With online sales increasing Clarks was keen to concentrate its efforts on this key driver for future growth.

Having utilised Maxymiser’s fully managed optimisation service since 2010 and built up a significant amount of in-house knowledge as a result, Clarks felt that they wanted to take some of the more basic onsite testing into their own hands. Mark Carlock, Web Analytics Manager at Clarks states, “After running with Maxymiser’s managed service for some time now we have become familiar with the testing process. As our approach to optimisation and testing has matured, we felt that we had gained enough in house knowledge to execute some of the more simple tests ourselves, freeing up Maxymiser’s time to concentrate on the more mission critical testing.”

To date, Clarks has run six self-service tests with the intention of continuing this into the future. “So far, we have been able to gauge what sort of tests we could be running, for example around the insertion of banners on to pages and testing carousel content. Once we know whether the tests we are conducting are of success, we can pass them onto Maxymiser to add further depth and develop the precise results and analytics, which give us the real data behind the insight,” adds Carlock.


An exciting new digital marketplace matching businesses large and small with specialist document review providers has announced the launch of its website. The eDocBid platform is a revolution in e-discovery, document review and document management and has pioneered a post-save, bid-win approach.

eDocBid serves the needs of legal, accounting, health care and governmental document review projects with a simple two step approach; organizations needing e-discovery or document review solutions post their project brief. Document review service providers then submit their bid for the job posting. The unique approach offers a plethora of benefits for both parties.

Company co-founder James Prince said, “Every day attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff spend hours and money performing document review or locating reasonably priced, qualified document review companies for their review projects or those of their clients. With the ever-increasing costs and scope associated with providing or securing document review, we created eDocBid to assist companies and firms in virtually every industry to manage costs, enhance quality of review and compress timelines.

When 60% or more of litigation costs are attributable to e-discovery, a 10-24% reduction in these review costs via competitive bidding allows allocation of resources elsewhere.”

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